My headache was paining today morning. I feeling like something banging on my head. Maam saying Sally take Panadol. Maam always giving solution to take Panadol. If Sara throat pain or head pain she saying Sara you not having fever so I be giving you some panadol then you go school.

Maam too much particular about no miss school. She saying school too much important. I telling maam how my brother when they small they telling my father they going school then they be going somewhere else. Everyday they going out of house say they going school. Coming back after school. No one is knowing for many day that they not going school. Maam saying see Sally that why your brother not having job. that why he not doing anything. education very important. Without it you no progress.

I feeling bad she saying all thing about my brother but I understand. Even I sometimes thinking if I finish school I have better job. Maybe I be working in some doctor office. My friend Ellie her cuzzin is work at doctor office as reception. So easy that job. Sitting in same chair whole day. Only picking up phone and tell people wait please doctor see you soon. I telling my maam that see this job so easy. Maam saying Sally you not know how much money she getting. Not so much. And she having to pay her own house her own food. She having to pay her own transport to her job. You getting salry and you also getting house and food. And no transport for you also. Your situation better than her.

I thinking maam is saying right thing. Ellie cuzzin living somewhere I not sure where. Deira or Burdubai I think. she sharing house with 9 other people. Her husband also living with her. She sleep on floor on matress and only curtain  between her and other people in house. And she paying her earn money for that. imagine I having my own room and I not even pay for that. so I is luckyer than Ellie cuzzin I think. She having better job but I having better room.

I am sometime feel jealous of my maam. It natural feeling if you seeing someone having much more and you having such less like small room. But then I think it better I compare my situation to Ellie cuzzin than to my maam.

Maam better than me but I better than Ellie cuzzin. At least I better than someone. my headache also better.


chaudhry said...

I wish all of us could have the same attitude and thank the Almighty always for whatever He has blessed us with.

emmarisa said...

To all the readers with negative comments, if you dislike her blog so much, why don't you just stop reading it? It's obviously a parody but it's an interesting and funny blog. Have you all not heard of Fake Steve? or any of the other fake bloggers? People are doing it all the time. Some blogs get read if they are entertaining, like this one, others don't. Look beyond the fact that she might be fake or real and you will find that she is telling you a lot of interesting information about a maid's life. He or she might be a journalist or a writer. Or just someone with a lot of time on his or her hands. Either ways she's funny.

RIJ said...

i agree with emmarisa..i u dnt like it dnt read it..there are people like me enjyg the blogs without gng for d facts..

if its a virtual world or not sally go ahead with ur blogs..


Mark Christian Gonzaga said...

im sorry i dont buy this. no filipino can mess up all the sentences. this is perfectly mess up writing. and by the way i am a filipino too.

what's with the name? said...

well i just saw the interview in AJstream and Sally is an indian and not a maid.

according to her it is written to give a voice to the maid and their experiences and misadventures. also, it ensures that reader will keep coming back.

good/bad things happen to maids whether she is indian, filipino, sri lanka, indonesian, etc. why single out filipino if the author is an indian?

it seems to me that lying and cheating should not be encouraged with her stories told. but the author herself use lying and cheating to get through the interweb. at least that is something consistent.

i think India has more interesting culture to share and philosophy to ponder upon.

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