My headache was paining today morning. I feeling like something banging on my head. Maam saying Sally take Panadol. Maam always giving solution to take Panadol. If Sara throat pain or head pain she saying Sara you not having fever so I be giving you some panadol then you go school.

Maam too much particular about no miss school. She saying school too much important. I telling maam how my brother when they small they telling my father they going school then they be going somewhere else. Everyday they going out of house say they going school. Coming back after school. No one is knowing for many day that they not going school. Maam saying see Sally that why your brother not having job. that why he not doing anything. education very important. Without it you no progress.

I feeling bad she saying all thing about my brother but I understand. Even I sometimes thinking if I finish school I have better job. Maybe I be working in some doctor office. My friend Ellie her cuzzin is work at doctor office as reception. So easy that job. Sitting in same chair whole day. Only picking up phone and tell people wait please doctor see you soon. I telling my maam that see this job so easy. Maam saying Sally you not know how much money she getting. Not so much. And she having to pay her own house her own food. She having to pay her own transport to her job. You getting salry and you also getting house and food. And no transport for you also. Your situation better than her.

I thinking maam is saying right thing. Ellie cuzzin living somewhere I not sure where. Deira or Burdubai I think. she sharing house with 9 other people. Her husband also living with her. She sleep on floor on matress and only curtain  between her and other people in house. And she paying her earn money for that. imagine I having my own room and I not even pay for that. so I is luckyer than Ellie cuzzin I think. She having better job but I having better room.

I am sometime feel jealous of my maam. It natural feeling if you seeing someone having much more and you having such less like small room. But then I think it better I compare my situation to Ellie cuzzin than to my maam.

Maam better than me but I better than Ellie cuzzin. At least I better than someone. my headache also better.


Today I is doing iron. All bedsheet. I like doing iron. Everything is all crumple and I am taking iron and doing magic. All crumple is gone. I am imagine all the crumple in the cloth is my trouble and I remove all the trouble. I wishing that even in my life I can take iron and make everything neat. But my life not so simple. There is too much crumple in my life to do this magic trick.

My maam daughter Sara is like to do magic trick. All time she tell me Sally see I show you this trick. see I making this magic happen. Sara say one day she be famus magican and perform all over world. I thinking of Lani Misalucha. She from Philippine. She come few day back to Dubai for doing concert. She is famus singer. Imagine she singing now in Vegas with Celin Dion. I feeling proud that she from my home country. Even she leaving her home to go to other country to make money. Like me.

I wishing I can see her concert perfomance. she having such good voice. but she having so much good luck also. She like me leaving her country for job but she not like me because I not having her good luck.

I wish I can do  magic for me to have good luck also. Then all my crumple in my life be gone.

big brother

Last week I is reading in paper that some maam and sir is putting camera to watch house maid at home. I getting worry. I think that if my maam get this idea then she will know I am doing blog and using her computer. She know I try her walking machine. and about nail polish and icebox. I am not doing all that bad thing any more. but still what if she knowing everything? she sending me back home.

My maam is also see the paper. She say see Sally these housemaid they not know that big brother watch them. First I not understand what she meaning. I thinking what she is mean big brother? Only the maam and sir of the maid is watch her. not her big brother.

Then I am remember show in Philippine. I only see it one two time. Pinoy Big Brother. All these people is live in house for many day and camera is all time tape them. They saying it like real life show. Tv show but all actor is real people. People like me.

I imagine I is on this show. my mother and brother and sister see me. Like they can see my house here and my life. What I am doing. How I am cooking. I am like movie star. When I was small girl I was wanting to be movie star. Then I remember. What I am thinking? This camera different. This not movie or tv camera. It like the maam and sir is spy on the maid.

I getting very scare. Suppose my maam is already put this and not tell me. I looking everywhere. Looking in plant pot. Inside pillow. Backside picture frame. I see in secret spy movie how they hiding it. Sometime they hiding in phone. I even looking inside fish tank. Nothing. Backside of computer. Inside printer. Inside lamp. No camera. I feeling relieve. But then I is thinking maybe maam has hide it so well that why I cannot find it.

If maam having camera she sending me back. my blog story will be over. my real life show will also be over. 

In her shoe

Since I have come to Dubai I becoming fat. Even my father he very fat when he alive. What to do I liking food. I looking at my picture when I is in Philippine and I thinking how I become like this? I am doing so much hard work but I still be fat. I looking like a baboy. a fat pig. I telling my mother on mobile that I have become fat. She shouting at me. She say Sally what you are doing? How you will get marry?

My maam is not fat. She very thin. All time she is exercise. She having walking machine at home and also she going lot to gym. I think even I want to exercise. So some week back when she is going to school to pick up children I think I will be using the walking machine. I have watch maam do it before. I try for few minute. but then I feeing it so boring. Just walking walking doing nothing else. But I thinking better be bore than be fat. So I keep on walking. When maam is going on machine later I hearing her ask sir why all setting is change. I getting scare then that she will know. She not suspect me. Now I scare to go on machine again.

But I still is still fat. So now I am doing jog. Not on machine. Outside. I go in evening when maam is taking children to tennis class or karate class or swim class. I telling maam and going. It not a secret. But my shoe is hurting me. My one friend she tell me she doing shoe business. she say she selling shoe for 100 dirham but she giving me for 95. She even showing me picture on mobile. I thinking I will get Puma shoe. I always wanting Puma. I so happy I telling maam. She saying Sally where she getting this Puma shoe? I thinking maybe even maam want. I telling her she having contac on ship and she will order Puma for me. Then maam saying all is fake Sally you not buy from her. It not good to be buying fake. How she knowing it fake she not seeing them. She not even seeing picture on mobile. And how I getting Puma otherwise? I really wanting this shoe now. I not care it fake. But I not order it because maam is putting dout in my head.

Now I is having no shoe and no machine. So I still is fat. I cannot do jog without shoe. I thinking on my next holiday I buying shoe. Maybe not Puma but something else. I wishing my maam shoe size same as my size but after last experence with slipper I not wanting to ask her for shoe. I not even wanting to borrow her shoe.

Some week ago my maam reading a book call In Her Shoe. I asking maam what it about. Why it is call In her Shoe? Maam is explain that it like a saying. She say in a person shoe mean you want to feel what other person feeling. 

I thinking maam needing to be in my shoe. Then she knowing how much I wanting the Puma shoe. And I needing to be in maam shoe. because then I am able to buy real Puma.

Endless love

My grandmother is ask me why you no marry Richie. She say Richie love you. He waiting for you. I telling her if Richie be love me he change his habit. Richie is father of my son. He is look after my son. So I always care for him. But I not want to marry him. Because he not how you say responsble. He not having good job. He drink lot. He always telling me not to give money my mama and brother and sister. He say Sally now you have son. You have to think about your own self and your son. How I know he not saying that only for my money? I is working hard here for all my family. My mama and brothers and sisters. How I can abandon my family for him?

My maam is also say Sally you have to think of yourself. She tell me open bank account. I telling her one friend of mine she opening account then when she going back Philippine all money gone. Maam saying that not possible what kind of bank it is? I not know what kind of bank I only know that it better no bank. I keeping money and then I sending to my mother. She is telling me she buying house for me soon. My maam saying Sally be careful no let your mother sign all paper for house. You need to do yourself so it in your name. But how I can do if I is here? My mother telling me Sally the house be in your name why you worry. She no cheat me. But my maam is put dout in my head so I is waiting till I going back.

Maybe one day even I is getting marry. Maybe Richie. Maybe some other boy. All girl want get marry. Even me. when we is get marry they saying till death do us part. I thinking that is like endless love. I reading story of husband and wife who getting marry. wife is die and husband also dying in few day. I thinking that true love. Like in my pocketbook. 

In my life I not knowing if Richie is my endless love. Maybe he waiting for me. But I is the one who  waiting. for him to change.

Money dance

Today it is raining. My mother is say it a blessing when it rain. When I read in newspaper that rain is cause lot of problem in Philippine I thinking how it can be blessing when people is die or lose their house?

My mother also saying it very lucky for rain at wedding. Couple is getting lot of blessing if it raining and couple be very happy. I am thinking if it raining at wedding everything be spoil. I think couple happy because it their wedding day and they be together. not because it raining or not raining.

When it not rain in some part of Philippine they is doing manerwap. Rain dance. They dancing and asking god to make rain. At wedding also we doing dance. Not rain dance but money dance. Couple is dancing and guest is taking money and pin money on couples dress. It is way to give blessing to couple.  I thinking that this dance better than rain dance. this kind of money blessing better than rain blessing. Couple can use money. How couple will be using rain?

Maybe rain is blessing but money is bigger blessing. Maybe if it raining money we all be happy.

Dream job

Few week back I is walking in mall on my holiday and suddenly I am see this girl. I thinking I know you somewhere. I saying to her Have I met you before? She just look at me like stare. then she saying Sally? I meeting you in agency in Manila when we is come here. Then I am remember. Her name is Ann. 

I happy to remember Ann but I not happy remember that time. It so hard. When I is applying to come Dubai they asking me to be coming Manila from Davao city. I am having to pay by my own so I is going to Manila on ship. Super Ferry. I taking ship from Sasa port Friday afternoon maybe 7 oclok I reaching Manila Monday 5 oclok. That long it be take but I cannot afford fly so this only option. The money for the trip is come from me. Even ship so expensive. I thinking how many bag rice I can buy for feed my family in this money. 

When I is reaching Manila I am not having relative there so I is live in agency accomdashun. imagine you is in very big house like a bunggalo. So many girl is coming there. must be 400 or 500 people living in same house. I not know how many just taking guess. Some people is sleep on stair. Some people is in garage. All bedsheet everywhere on floor. If I is having to go to bathroom sometime so much line. Girl is all fighting who first.  I is going next door to neighbor paying them 5 peso telling them please let me use your bathroom. So much crowd it is. Imagine if I be come back late in night from agency I is having to walk on top of people to reach my thing. And my thing is also not safe. Sometime people is steal your belonging. Maid is coming there from everywhere waiting for paper to process to be going. Some is going Dubai. Kuwait. Qatar. Oman. Everywhere. they is first come to Manila to this place. But all agency not same. Sometime they be send you direct from your home city to your new job. 

When we at accomdashun we is waiting for our paper be process. But we is also get training. Every day they dividing us in group. 50 maid is going for ironing. 50 maid is going for kitchen. 50 maid is going learn how to clean thing. Like that. I is even learn how to make nice flower arrangment and laying table like in hotel. My maam is always ask me how you know how to fold napkin for dinner party. I learn that when I is here. So it good this training. They is divide by where we is come from. So all Davo girl is go together. Cebu girl is go together. like that. When we having to go agency for process paper they call you say Sally you be go agency today for paper. That also I be having to pay for back and port trip. 

I meeting lot of nice girl like Ann but also some girl not so nice. Always they fighting fighting. One day I am seeing one girl I am knowing Mary from my accomdashun get in trouble. Another girl is leave her bag on table. Mary is pick up her bag and run back side of this girl but she is keep going and Mary cannot find her. Then Mary is shout out loud Who has lost this bag? No one is answer. Then the girl coming run to Mary call her thief. Poor Mary she saying no no I is not thief I am help you find this bag but that girl is report Mary. Mary is in so much trouble they telling her go back home. She so scare she is cry and cry. But then some other girl like me is witness all this they is telling true story and Mary is safe.

That how I pass 3 week in this place. I think at least I be having food and place to stay. I getting training in thing I do at my job. I spending 3 week here. I think I is lucky. Other girl is waiting two month for paper be process.

When you is see maid you not knowing what she be going through to be come to this job. Agency is promise this  dream job. After living few week in accomdashun any job feel like dream job. So that how the agency is keep their promise.


Today I am so excite. I am open newspaper in morning and see story of my blog story. I feeling like it my picture in paper. I want shout and tell my frend and my family that it same Sally that they is knowing. But I no can do that. I have to keep it all inside my heart. My heart is feel like when you is shake coke bottle and then open it and all the bubble is come out. Like that. Only I is having to keep my bottle close.

Then I is thinking if my maam seeing this I is dead. She all time on computer. She be seeing it and she be going and looking and seeing the story. Then I having be lie to her tell her this not my blog. I tell her there so many house maid is coming from Davao. So many girl is call Sally. I thinking too much lying not good. Better I hide paper. So I quickly taking paper in my room and keeping it there. I will be keep it forever.

Maam is coming downstair saying Sally where the paper. I giving her other paper. She happy. She not notice it missing. Still I is very scare. My stomic is feeling like it is feeling when I is going in car. Like I is wanting to vomit. Maam is look at me. I thinking she is knowing. all time she look at me I thinking now she will ask me. But she just telling me Sally what we be cook for dinner today?

For my maam her life is not change. everything is same. but for me nothing same anymore. I is famus. Even if only I is knowing it.


I alredy tell you about Lilibeth. she my best friend. Sara saying she my BFF. Best friend forever. I like that but in my life there is no forever. Only for how many year I is having visa. Most friend can be BFV. Best friend for visa. Lilibeth is only person who be knowing I is write blog story because she showing me how. But now she knowing so much about me. she become my most important friend. Important firend forever. IFF. She promise she keeping my secret. I hope she not get angry with me one day and be tell my maam or someone.

even I is knowing her life story little. She telling me one day. I feeling so happy she is share with me. She no minding if I telling you. She be train to be doing hotel managment course in Manila. So much money she is spend to do her course. She having diploma. Very good qalification. When she is applying for job in agency they telling her she work in big hotel over here in Dubai. When she is coming here she is so excite she will work maybe as manager or something. Instead she be doing housekeep job in sirvice apartmet. She having to do all cleaning. bathroom cleaning kitchen cleaning. clothes washing. all maid work that I is do here. Imagine she is having diploma and she be do this job that I is do with no diploma. But so many people is like her. They be think they do one job when they is come here they finding the job is something else. But they is stuck because they having contrac.

She is waiting her contrac be over. In this time only one good is happen. She is meeting her husband. I liking this part of story. It like my pocketbook. Romance story. He doing like mantanence work in same building. They is getting marry in consulate because she is want be  transfer on his visa. But they no is live together because they wait get marry in church. When they is going back philippine they get proper marry in the church. I asking her why she no getting marry in St Mary Church when so many filipino  couple is get marry together? I know I is read it in the paper. She say Sally how I is get marry without my family? civil marriage only for visa. Proper marry in Philippine. in church with family.

Now she doing this job next door to me. It like hotel manager but only one guest staying in hotel for some day then other guest is coming. Her husband is doing all mantenence work and also driver if guest is need. Otherwise he is drive to Abu dhabi to office. I not know what he doing there. In the house guest is come guest is go. Only Lilibeth and her husband staying how you say permanet.

I is hope Lilibeth stay permanet in my life also.

I changing name

If you be reading my blog story today you may be get confuse. That because I is change some name. One person who be read my blog story liking it so much she wanting to write story about my blog story. where she be write it I not know but I is excite that the world will be read my story. But again I is scare that my maam and sir be find out what I is doing when they is not at home or when they is asleep. Whole time I is think how I reply this person. Then I be get idea. I be change some name like my maam children name so maybe no one can making connecshun that it is this Sally who be write story. Sally so common name no one relize it me. 

Then I thinking maybe I need go changing some story also but I am worry always that how it be my true life story if I be lie about everything. So confuse I am. But I think it important I must to change children name to respect their private. In newspaper here in Dubai always they is respect private. They no writing name. they always writing first letter of name in story. Like if Sally do some thing they will say S did it. Like that even I is change some name. Please escuse me for any confusion. 

I am think maybe I get famus. that if I is famus I can be buy house for me and my mother and all my brother and sister. Even my son. We all is live very comfortable in nice house. no need for me to be house maid so far away from my home country. I is think that I go back and I no have to think something so expensive I can no buy or what we eat for dinner today all money over. Maybe I can even be buying my own laptop computer.

When I is small girl I always is think of how to make money. Instead of play with my friend I selling plastic bag at market for money and then taking that money to my mother for buy rice. My grandmother is see it and crying what you doing Sally but she also so happy I is responsble and is help my family.

I is having so many dream when I small girl maybe now my dream is become true. 

Sad story in paper

Sometime I no like reading newspaper. So many sad story. I read that one girl is throwing baby because she is scare. I feeling really sad for girl and for baby. Her life now change in such bad way. I knowing how it feel to be pregnate and scare. But not good what she do. I is also having baby when I am 18 but I not throwing. I leaving baby with his father to look after.

Then I read that girl getting burn on face from laser. Poor girl is look so bad. before her wedding day. Imagine you be going to get marry and you having all burn on face and hand. How you be looking in your wedding dress? That place giving her burn no good place. I glad I not having hair on my face. I no have to go to laser place to be remove.

Then there other picture of girl with disease at black nazarene church in philippine. Her face look like animal face. I showing my maam. My maam is asking me what this festival.  I feeling very important I is able to teach my maam something. I telling her nazarene very important in philippine. They doing big proceshun on street lot of people going back side of statue without shoes on their feet. I tell her like there is white jesus there also black jesus. Maam asking whether it same Jesus just black colour or some other person like saint? I telling her it like black one and white one I not knowing more. Maam then be tell me she looking up on internet. She saying he statue of Jesus from Mexico living in Manila many many year. People is believe it doing miracle healing. 

I thinking maybe girl with laser burn on face need go to Manila before wedding and walk with no shoe for miracle heal her burn.


Today I is not well. I am having my regla. every month I is getting lot of pain. I not want to do work but what to do it my job. My maam telling me Sally you take panadol you feel better. She even be giving me panadol but I not want panadol I only wanting lie down on bed. In my home country when I was getting I not do anything just resting but here I have no choice. We not even suppose have bath or washing hair. It making heat go into brain. My mother sister getting blood pressure when she take bath while having menses. Maam look at me funny way when I be tell her that. She say no no you must have bath. no bath not clean. She say all this is old wife tail and again she using word supstishum. I be ask Lilibeth what this mean. Lilibeth explain supstishum is my word pamahiin. Now I understanding properly.

In Philippine we having lot of pamahiin. Sometime you believe sometime you not believe. Like I not believe if fork fall on ground man is coming in home. That stupid. But I is believe if we sweep floor in evening or cut nail at night bad thing is happen. I not want to try it and see if it correct. better I believing it.  

if we cutting baby eye hair when baby small it grow very long. sara having very long eye hair I ask maam you cutting it when she small baby? Maam looking at me like shock how you can cut eye hair. I tell her lot people in Philippine want cut baby eye hair to make grow long and thick. She say Sally never take sissor near child eye very dangerus. I tell her no maam no worry. children here is very big it no work on them. Maam saying again if you doing something like that I be send you back to Philippine. Then she telling me no discuss all this with children. She say she not want children hearing all this nonsens story from me. I am thinking people liking my blog story when I writing on computer they  not thinking it is nonsens.

My maam no like lizard. When lizard is come in home she be calling me Sally Sally take this out. Then I be getting paper and catch and throw outside house. One day I be seeing maam standing on table with magazine trying kill small buterfly. moth I think. I tell her maam you know in Philippine this is like a spirit in home. Not good if it go inside you then it make you sick. Maam say  Sally if a moth go inside you then ofcourse you be sick. It having nothing to do with ghost or any thing. I tell her no maam ghost is making very bad sickness come. Maam saying Sally you and your story all time. But she be smile.


Today maam be getting up and seeing in paper that there is eclipse. She be getting all excite. She telling me Sally no look sun with eye we look with bucket of water. So she get bucket and put in garden out side. She telling children no look at sun also. Then she saying Sally when eclipse come we go out and look in water and see the sun in the water.  

I ask maam why this eclipse is coming? Maam she telling me something about moon and sun all going around and I am not understand. Then maam taking paper and pencil and doing drawing on the paper but I still no get. Maam then say Sally it like moon shadow going on sun and I saying maam why you no explain like that before? But how moon shadow going on sun I not understand but I getting bore with all this science talking so I not ask her again.

Then maam is reading in paper they saying lot people scare of eclipse. Maam say Sally that all supstishum you no believe all that. I telling her no maam I not believe but what mean supstishum?  Maam be explain me that black cat no good for some family they believe it bringing bad luck. I saying yes maam I get. It like when snake come in house in china it bring good luck. Then maam saying no no all rubbish. Maybe one time snake is coming and children is scare so then someone say no no children no worry that snake bring good luck that why now everyone believe it. I tell her yes maam you right no thing like that.

Then I tell her that there half man half snake person who living in mall in my home country. I really believing that. People is seeing it. Really it living Robinson mall. we calling him snake man. His twin is owner of mall. he live in mall basment. He eat girl who go in mall change room. I so scare I never going into that mall. Maam laughing lot and saying Sally you big now you must not believe all this rubbish that man maybe his skin is burn from some accident or maybe he be having some problem when he is born. How I tell maam that I not believe her? How she know? It in my home country she not go there even one time. Then I asking maam if she believe mermaid real or not. Maam shaking her head saying Sally you must stop all this nonsens thinking. After this maam wearing her sun glass and go outside to find sun. She get so excite when she seeing sun getting cover up. She calling me to see also.  she tell me no look at sun Sally look only in the water. 

When I look in bucket of water I am only see snake and mermaid. and snake man. Now I no get sleep in night.

Gilty and confuse

I quickly do blog because maam sir and children only go out short time just now.

Today I feeling very gilty. I wake up very early and be get on maam computer when maam asleep. I am seeing on my blog one person who read my blog story give me good advise. I reading her advise then thinking lot whole day about her advise how I can use. But now I confuse. When I coming back on blog to write her how I be change I am see that she be remove all her advise comment. So now I not knowing what she be meaning but I already taking her message to my heart and I deciding to be nice person.

She tell me no steal no lie no want throw thing at maam. She telling me remove story but how I can remove? Then it not be my true life story then I be doing big lie again. Better I do how you say improv  myself. From now on I try not to do any wrong thing. Whole day I be thinking how I can improv myself. So thinking thinking I making my plan.

First thing I be doing when maam is waking in morning is I be return icebox. I go into outside store room and remove from my bag. Good think I not take bag to Luena home or I having to go to Sharja to bring back. then I telling maam see I finding it. It was in kitchen fallen backside of frig. Maam believe me saying good Sally you find it now wash and put away. see I tell you Sara never leave anything at school.

I feel so gilty that maam is trust me I wash it very extra. Now nailpolish colour I no can return but I swear myself I never take her thing again. I still want throw thing at maam sometime but I try not to think that bad way. I have become so bad person since I come as housemaid. 

This person also telling me no send so much money to my family. How I can do that? All time they be calling my mobile telling me send money send money. They be make me feel so gilty also if I not be sending money. Gilty gilty all time. Gilty if I take thing that not belong me. gilty if I no send money to family. I oldest sister I am having resposibilty not just my son but my brother and sister. My mother now she have new children with new husband so she no look after her old family. She not abandon but she no buy any new thing for old family. If she get chicken from shop she giving her new children. then she showing her old family children. she say see I give them chicken but it over now. there no peace chicken for you. She want make them feel jealous.

How she not feel gilty? I need learn from her.

Puzzle mind

Today I am be puzzle. I not knowing what to feel. One side I feeling scare. My blog story having lot people see it. So sudden. How they all finding me? I feel scare now I think I stop write. Supposing my maam seeing? She be knowing everything what I be doing when she outside home or sleeping and I will be dead. She definitly sending me back. Supose some friend of my maam seeing it then they be showing her and then I is dead. Someone even writing to me comment to showing my picture. How I can do that? Imagine I showing my picture and my maam seeing my picture. I talk to Lilibeth. She say she will show me how remove me from blog if I am wanting. Other side I feeling excite. Imagine I is famus. so many people be reading my story. They all knowing how hard my life is. How my maam be good maam but she not want me to progress. How I can remove my blog? Then how people will know my life?

so I is in puzzle mood today. Maam is talking to me and I cannot listen her. I even burning food today that how puzzle I feel. One side scare. other side excite. Like when I be giving birth to my son. I so excite but I so scare at same time. Now son is 7 and I think it better be scare than excite. He so far away from me I not see him so many year. He know I am his mother but now he start call me his big sister. I think he be ashame that I leaving him so many year. What I can be doing? I am having to work hard here. My hand is how you say tie.

My friend Maria her hand is not tie but it is all crack. She washing so many thing after her maam do New Year party her hand all crack up. She coming to me crying saying I giving you 30 dirham you please do my washing. I telling her how I can do the washing my maam not letting me. But anyway I be telling my maam and my maam saying Sally you get in trouble you go someone home who not your emplayer. What if you be breaking something? They will say Sally broke it and then make you pay. Better you not go there. So I telling Maria my maam say no. 

Any way Maria is liar I no want to help her feel better. Just like her hand is crack my frienship with her is also crack.

Water fountain

When I first starting to work for this maam she be taking me to see fountain in dubai mall. After that six month no taking me to dubai mall. Only moe when we be going carfour. Few day back she telling me Sally we going see new fountain in mall you also be coming with us. Fountain now having fire. I getting excite. I quickly getting ready and getting camera to be going. Sometime my maam is surprise me like this. other time she be leaving me home by own self. 

We going dubai mall in night time. So many people is there at the mall to see fire and water fountain. The show is begin and it so nice but there is no fire. I feel disapoint. Maam also is looking confuse. She going inside mall asking about fire show. They is saying sometime there is fire sometime no fire. I feeling sad why the only time I seeing fountain there no fire. Then maam she be surprise me again. She say ok Sally we wait for one two more show until we see fire. Today we will see fire before we go home. Then we is lucky. In next show fire is coming out of the water. It is so good. when fire is coming out of water I feeling hot like I am in the oven. when fire is going down it cold again. Dubai more cold than my home so I is wrapping scarf around my body or I am shiver.

Like I am shiver when I am washing car. Hose in maam garden having lot of hole so all water spraying everywhere. I washing car I also washing Sally same time. In hot month it fun to be get wet. I like play in water but in cold month like december I is shivering lots. I telling maam about hose she saying Sally I will bring but no hose so many week. She be forget every time she is going out. How she not remember hose? She not forget to be bring her thing but for me she will forget hose. 

Few morning back I am washing balcony and I am full wet from top to bottom. I think I will make myself more wet to show maam how bad hose is. Maam see me say Sally what happen you will get cold you better wash balcony in afternoon when it hot not morning or evening. She not blaming hose she put blame me that I am stupid to wash in morning. I wet and cold because hose bad not because it cold in morning. 

But after watching fountain I be getting idea. I will imagine I is in dubai mall fountain when I is washing maam car or balcony.


My friend Maria is a big liar. She telling me she want to sell me her computer. She say it like new. But when I telling her to show me she say she is having lot of picture on computer that she need to remove before she be selling it. Then how it like new? I not buy from her now. See how she is lie to me?  if I am wanting I buying from shop. 

So I am phoning my friend Susan who maam give her computer for Christmas. I say Susan what computer your maam give you? where she got from. Susan telling me I dont know Sally it not new it maam computer from before she only making it like new for me. Now I look at my photo frame and I feel how you say very proud that I have new gift for Christmas not already use thing like Susan. My  maam she even giving me garantee for frame and it having my name on it. She showing me saying Sally if frame be getting spoil you take it to Sharafdg and you be exchange it. You can do this for two year and see it have your name and mobile number. So I am knowing she buying it for me special.

I asking my maam can I get connecshin in my room. My maam saying why you needing internet connecshin. I tell her I am wanting to buy computer. Maam saying you know Sally computer very expensive why you need it what you will do with it. See how she not want me to progress she want me to stay stupid. Then she say we have to make connecshin active but it costing money to make active. 100 dirham to make 6 point active in home. I tell her I no need 6 point only one connecshin in my room. Maam say I know what you be needing in your room but du doing 6 point same time. I be thinking what this point point I am needing connecshin why maam keep talking about point?

I am waiting she say we having waifai in house but she no offer me to give me waifai password because she not want me to progress. I want to tell her I am doing blog I not stupid. and I am already know her waifai because I be asking Rayan for password but she be kill me if I tell her. She also get angry with Rayan. Then she be changing password and not telling me or Rayan so I keep quiet. Then she say like she know what all I be thinking Sally waifai not reaching your room. How I tell her I already use her waifai on my phone inside my room? She how she is lie to me. Like my friend Maria.

Computer will make me progress and then I not having to be with liars.