Some month ago my maam be giving me project to do. Actually she is suppose to be doing it but she not have time so she telling me Sally you please be cutting and doing this thing for children school. Not for children to be giving grade but for something like halloween party in school. I not mind I like doing project like this. It keeping me busy. In this house not much TV we seeing when they is at home. Maam not watch at all children also hardly any TV. Only time I seeing maam watching TV is when that miner coming out of hole and maam switching on news to see and she showing me also.

At my before sir house the maam over there she giving me lot of children project. I having to draw lot of things for children and children saying they do the drawing. I am good at draw so one time children is winning a prize and his picture coming in paper. He so excite his picture coming but no one say Sally you are the winner because you do the picture. I feeling in my heart but I is only the housemaid how I can say anything.

When maam is be going out of country one time I taking old sheet and I making curtain and mat for floor. Then I telling maam that I will make curtain even for kitchen. They having wooden curtain all broken in kitchen but maam say Sally no remove wooden curtain it not belong us it belong landlord. Maam then she saying I have cloth and machine I be stiching curtain. but I waiting many month no curtain coming. Why maam she be lying to me. I know she busy but I be making nice curtain if she telling me even if I am busy.

Maam very lazy sometime she saying she doing something taking so long after that. Like when I be getting my new phone I telling her to sending me music with blutooth. But maam she not liking connect her computer to my phone she worry I steal her thing. So she telling me she get me adaptr for my phone sd card to be putting in her computer. Then she not giving me music so many day. I be telling her maam I liking this song but she no takeing hint. One time I even telling Sara I liking Bruno Mars song. You know he half filipino he writing song about bilinare. Filipino people always thinking money money money. But maam she not giving me the song only. I thinking today she will give me then I going bed and still there is no song. If she having to do project for school she make me do it and I finish it in one day. Why she cannot do my project of curtain or songs and finish in one day?


Anonymous said...

because she is paying ur salary
and you are not paying her salary

Anonymous said...

You are never satisfy...
Remember why you came to Dubai for ???

You are spoil my dear !Ans too demanding

Anonymous said...

I think you should be contented having a good employer. From what I read on your blog, you are never satisfied and expect your employer to treat you like a princess. Please note that she is paying your salary. You should be thankful for all the kindness they gave you

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