I like reading newspaper. Today there is picture of cat in paper. I telling my maam see this cat it is so lucky. Its picture in paper. Even camel picture in paper. But you and me our picture not in paper. My maam she tell me Sally it good our picture not in paper. It better we staying below radio. What this mean I not know. Below radio I am asking maam what that mean. She saying not radio rada. I still not understand. I only knowing radio in car how you can going below that.

My friend Maria she is selling her computer. Small computer for 1100 dirham. This friend she not making much salary but she be buying new mobile and computer. Now she having no money so she trying to sell. I am telling my maam that I be wanting computer. My maam she saying what will you do with computer. She not know that I am writing every time I am getting chance. I am even having facebook but maam not knowing. Now I haveing mobile phone new samsung one I am seeing my facebook on phone. Maam she not knowing I know how get on her waifai. I be asking little boy for password one day he be telling me. So easy it to get information from child. I telling him I know you not knowing password. He telling me no Sally I be know. It is this. I not write here because then my maam if she ever finding out I is dead.

Maam she thinking I not know anything of computer. She be think I is a fool. I get so angry when she be telling me what you do with computer. She not having any idea how my life is. They go out all time all different place I have to stay home. They not beat me or any of mean thing but this very mean that I have to stay home and do no work. Sometime I watching Tv. Sometime I opening maam closet and look at her thing. I using her makeup also and nail polish. One day maam say she be coming afternoon she coming back morning. I thinking I is dead that day I in her bedroom looking looking in sir closet seeing if anything I can use. She coming in saying Sally why sir closet open. I saying no maam you leaving open I was just close it. Maam look at me say thank you sally. She not remember anything so I can say anything.

Like that day Sara have very nice ice box for school lunch box. I be think my brother sister liking very much so I take and I telling maam Sara leave at school. Maam say ok no worry we put other one. Then Sara saying no it not in my lunch box. This Sara very silly girl how she say that so I get angry and saying you leave at school you not remember. Then maam say Sara never leaving anything at school maybe I leaving it at school picnic. She how she is protect her child. I know she be lying because I take icebox but I cannot tell her. Just like in newspaper they finding out who lying who not lying I feeling like newspaper.

I am adding to say that I be return icebox after I am getting advice from some person who be reading my story. I feeling so gilty that I is becoming bad person. Now my conscinch is good.


khanye said...

sally we love your blog! post a picture of yourself you have a lot of fans!

Twizzle said...
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Twizzle said...
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Anonymous said...

Sally, take this as a friendly advice.. If you want to have a simple and sincere relationship with your employer then you should be honest all the time, don't give them reason to treat you unkindly. Be real and be true.. don't ever use other belongings and always tell the truth. Be contented that is the essence of happiness. Just work hard and live simply, then you will find peace.

Twizzle said...

I am reposting my advice just in case this is real but I think its a fake blog... but oh well just in case...

Sally, I am disappointed to have read what you have done...

you say you are happy that you are working for this family (even though you sometimes get frustrated)--why ruin it by stealing things from them? you know you will get in big trouble if you are found taking stuff.

Will the punishment really be worth it in the end? I do not think so. You will be sent home and banned from coming back to work for a while. you may come back after the ban but the new family you work for might be very very bad.

also in another of your post.. I can't remember which one now.. but you shouldn't go through your maam and sir's things/closets.

and promise to not do these things again. that is very rude to go through other peoples' things and if your maam even thinks you *might* be stealing or looking through her things when she is gone, she will start to not trust you anymore. Is that what you want? Your maam is nice to you and you like her. Dont' you want to work for them for as long as you can without any trouble?

make yourself promise never to do these things again.

you seem like such a nice person it is disappointing to hear you would steal... :(

Anonymous said...

yes.. even if u r poor
stealing is not good..
ur pride is more expensive than anything

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is very disapointing to see that you could do such bad things to your maam and her kids. I had (I thought) a lovely mature maid that stayed over with us for 7 yeard, but the day she left us (and after my husband employed her son in his company)that she had put in a box to be sent to Philippines, so many toys from my children, ans theur favorite soft disapointing.

We love you but you only take advantage of us.

Sorry but don't expect your employer to take you out for dinner, this is unsain. said...

dear sally,

i had 2 maids at my house..

i really wanna tell you that stealing can make ur ma'am really upset and will think that you re not sincerely doing ur job as a maid.

as i trained my maids.. i'am totally can't accept if i find out that it's happened.

wherever i go, i will bring them together. i'm from malaysia.. my previous maid, i went to United Kingdom, i bring them together. the new maid.. both of them i bring to singapore.. i always think that somehow if they do a very good job, i'll reward them with a special treats.

so disappointing dear.. with ur attitude.. i hope that u won't do that again.
be honest to your ma'am and her family. You are a human.. and we're a human too.. there's a give n take that we have apply ... she treat you as her worker.. and to make u be a better person.. and she believe in you.. PLEASE tell her the true story.. and why u did all these.. i bet your ma'am will understand you.. and forgive you because she knows that you want to be a good worker..

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