Dec 23, 2010


Last week my maam she be telling me I needing ID card. I telling her I having labor card already why I be needing ID card? She say everyone needing even children. I asking Lilibeth she know everything. She say Sally everyone needing ID card why your maam be waiting so long to get card? I saying I not knowing maam she sometime doing thing last minute. So my maam she be going morning 6 oclok to be making the card with sir. But then she coming back saying they no taking for typing. 

So now my maam coming back home bad mood. Then she opening outside store room to be taking out Sara bike. Then she seeing I be keeping some things in outside store room. One month back my friend Ellie be giving me some toys that her maam not use. She say Sally you keep this for me my maam not wanting me keep it in my room. I telling maam Ellie tell me to keep it till March. My maam she be getting angry saying Sally I am throwing all my junk out there is too much junk you cannot bring other housemaid junk to my house. I feeling bad why she calling it junk junk. It not junk. 

But I taking out all my thing from store room keeping on outside. Maam then teling me why you keep outside your thing I not tell you to remove your thing only your friend Ellie's things. I tell her I want to send my thing with Precious Cargo to my home in Philippine. My maam saying then you better getting box and sending it because you cannot keep it all here there no place. I thinking How there no place it big store room? Then maam saying if you keeping like this all rat and all will come and it getting bad. Now I have to call taxi and take to my cuzzin Luena home in Sharja so it not here. Maam she so mean she having so much store space me having nothing. But I give Ellie back her things because maam is right. Why I keep her thing in my maam store room? Maam never telling me to take my own bags out of storeroom but I be taking it out now just showing maam I not keep any junk.

Maam she keeping lot of junk in her room. Lot of thing under bed also. but me she not allow to keep anything. She having so many room but I have small room as big as her bathroom. Still she not let me keep junk outside home. I feeling angry. Then I remembering it Christmas in two day. If I be angry with maam maybe she not give me my gift. I have to how you say swallowing anger keep inside of my heart. That I do and maam next day she tell me Sally why you feeling sad when I just telling you keep thing nicely not like junk. How I know she say that. I thinking she say throw everything out. Maam getting me big box and I putting all junk inside box. Then maam tell me when you can go to Sharja you take box and leave at cuzzin but no need to be leaving it outside. If it rain all thing get spoil. I be thinking yesterday you calling it junk today you thinking it get spoiling. How it can get spoil if it already junk?

Maam give me picture frame for christmas. First I think what is this picture frame with wire coming out from side? Then she say Sally bring your camera and she put my camera stick inside the frame and all my pictures I can see on picture frame. I very happy no need to devlop picture now.  I so very happy I phoning my friend Susan. My friend she tell me her maam give her laptop computer. Now my frame look so small I not happy any more. I telling maam that my friend Susan getting laptop for her christmas gift. Maam knowing I not grateful for frame she telling me Sally how long Susan be working for her maam? I telling her 5 year. So maam saying Sally you work here only 5 month she working 5 year. That why her maam give her laptop. I understand but I not like my Christmas gift no more. It feeling like junk now.


Twizzle said...
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Anonymous said...

Sally, you are an idiot !

Raib Khan said...

Cool story bro

Anonymous said...

No, Sally is not an idiot... He's very clever...

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