I like read pocketbook. I buy for 15 dirham 4 book from Satwa when I return I can get 4 more book in same 15 dirham. Very lovely story. Today I want finish my work quickly so I can read story. It about girl who lose memory and find family after 15 year. I feel so sad but I also feel happy when she find family again. I tell my maam story. She smile and say Sally you like reading pocketbook good you are happy. My friend came back from Philipine she got lot of pocketbook. Poor friend she go Philippine think she have lot of money but she reaching there and all her money over because family spend all. She tell me no send your money to Philippine.

Money problem lot in Philippine. My maam say I cook so well I should open eating restrant. I tell her in Philippine eveyone coming in restrant saying Sally you know me I not pay you today. Then no business. Not like here you can make lot money doing business. Phone card is very good business but my maam no want me to do. My friend Lilibeth sometime also doing other business like my pant is too big so she fixing for me and I paying her 10 dirham.

Now my pocketbook over and I have nothing to read. So I will exchange in Satwa on next holiday. When I go for my day holiday my maam she no ask me any question what I buy where I go nothing. My before maam very inquistve. She want know everything. Why you buy shampoo why you buy noodle? One day she find I send box of noodle to my family in Philippine. She go tell her friend. Her friend housemaid she is my friend. she make fun of me. Now I feel embaras. Why she telling everyone I send noodle? She want check everything in my box that I am mailing to Philippine to see I not stealing any item of her. But still she better than my Oman employer. That one not even giving me old clothes or shoes. Everything go direct in garbage. Then she is checking my room to see I not take anything. I tell my friend who is housemaid next door to Oman house to take things from garbage but I no bring to my home. This maam I work for now is good she give me choice if I want bedsheet or not. When I break slipper she give me her own slipper. I feel like I working in foriner home.

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