I know I is lucky

I know I is lucky I have good sir and maam. Even in Oman my sir have bad heart but I am lucky I am  able look after myself. My friend Jessie not so lucky. She working in other neighbor house other side of Lilibeth. We meeting at park in evening. She working night day her maam calling her bitch all the time. If she going late home her maam slapping her face. She is not getting salary 6 month. I thinking my sir always give me salary first or second day of month. Jessie telling me in Philippine agency they tricking her telling her she work in hotel then she get this job working at this maam house. Agency taking lot of money from her for this job. Lot of agency if they not good they tricking and then maid is stuck because she signing contrac.

Jessie tell me she want run away but she scare. She give me money buy her mobile from Carrefour so she can phoning family. She not allow have mobile or use even at night when she is sleep. I telling my maam. My maam telling me Sally be careful no get involve. If she run away they blame you your visa get taken. How I no get involve she my friend since pass 1 month. Then my maam telling me Sally if she having trouble tell her go to agency or consulate. But how she go she no have mobile or money. But I telling maam yes yes maam I tell her that only to go to agency or consulate. Then we is meeting her in park to helping her. We thinking this good plan. Lilibeth tell her she be driving her to consulate one day. Lilibeth so clever she driving and all. I think my maam happy if I tell her she going to consulate so I tell her. Maam tell me Sally no get involve be careful you not want to help maid run away.

My other friend is working Sharja. She telling me that son of family is 11 year old and he telling her he give her money to do affair. How 11 year old boy talking like that. I tell her you telling his daddy or no? She say what the daddy will say he also having too much affair all time.

Our sir and maam they thinking we not know what going on in their life but we know all. Like other housemaid at my Oman place she telling me how Baba having affair. We pretending we not know because we scare they canceling our visa but we know everything.

One week ago my maam and sir having dinner party at house. All people coming talking talking. I listen everything. I know who is losing job. I know who is plan on leaving Dubai. I know which child say what in school and get in trouble. But I just listen. You not know when I not so lucky and I need use this to help my situation.

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Anonymous said...

I know who you actually are, Sally from your stories!!! And I know who your maam is

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