Holiday and nailpolish

Since I have been inside Dubai I have not see the hotel Burjalarab from near. Only see it from far when we going MOE. I want to go see hotel so much. I only want to see from outside to take picture. My maam she going everyday she passing hotel to go school to pick up children. Only one day if she take me then I am taking picture. Maybe I going on my next holiday.

I usually go MOE or Sharja on my off day. Sometime I go Satwa. I go off day Friday. This maam nice she letting me go off day. In Oman it like prison I no go off day even one day. Only time I leaving house is when I putting garbage outside. At before maam in Dubai I not getting off day for 8 month then I asking and she giving me one day off. This maam asking me first day Sally what day you taking off. I telling her Friday but I only want to go one time in month. If I go more then I be spending more money then that not good. So I going one Friday only. My maam nice she letting me chose when I want go. If I want go sometime on Thursday also she let me go. She very easy that way.

On my off day I leaving home very early at 5.30 or 6 in morning come back at 5 in evening. First time I going I asking maam can I go on Thursday night and my maam saying No Sally I dont know where you going I am responsible for you I scare if you go in night. So now I leaving early Friday morning. I going seeing my cuzzin in Sharja. She very nice having own house and family. This week I excite I am taking picture of children showing my cuzzin. My maam I dont think she is liking when I taking picture of children all the time but I taking it anyway.

The car lift boy come pick me up and I leaving from side door. My maam will not give me key when I go on day off. Why I am not knowing. When she is going on vacaton she giving me her key but when I is going on friday for few hours she no give me key. She say Sally I will be home so why you need key. But mostly she not home then I waiting outside. One day maam coming back after 2 hour so I waiting in sun for 2 hour. But good the garage have AC so I waiting in garage so not so much in sun. But I telling maam I wait outside. When I maam phoning saying she 5 minute from home I am quickly putting off AC and waiting outside. Maam coming home and say Sally why you not start AC in garage and wait inside? why you wait in sun? I like that maam feel gilty I wait 2 hour so I not say anything about it. 

When maam go out of town I like because then I have whole house is mine. But maam she lock her room so I cannot use her thing. But I use anyway when she going out so why she is locking when she go out of town I not knowing. Two day back I find nice pink nailpolish. Maam is out so I trying on toe. Maam seeing and saying Sally nice colour. I got so scare I tell her Maam Lilibeth put for me. I think maam is suspect because she then saying Sally very nice colour ask Lilibeth what the number of the colour is. I am now worry because how I ask Lilibeth. If maam asking Lilibeth then I am in lot of trouble. Better I see the number and telling her the number. Maam and Lilibeth can have same colour nail polish no? Maybe she forget

When maam have headache one day I am giving her my panadol. Then maam giving me back 2 panadol I telling her no maam no need you give me back. So what if I take her nailpolish. She taking my thing also like my panadol. Sometime maam saying hurt thing and I feeling hurt like that. One day I throw out some paper. I no mean to throw I just cleaning table. Maam looking looking for the paper then she asking me Sally where is that paper. I tell her I throw it maam. She get very upset she say Sally do not throw anything that was very important paper. How I know it was important. It not say important on top. Just lot of number and lot of maam writing. Now maam telling me Sally not throw anything. I want throw something on maam. I not like when she angry.


Twizzle said...

Hello Sally...

ohhhh... the nail polish... Sally, your maam is not stupid... she knows what colors she has... she definitely asked you because she thinks you used hers.

please think hard about the things you are doing...

of course you think its not a big thing to use her nail polish, but the whole things is about TRUST. every times she sees something is not right she will lose some of the trust she has for you and over time as she sees more and more things not right she will lose all her trust in you.

like I said in another comment... stop all of this now--appreciate you are working for a good family and concentrate on saving money.

Twizzle said...
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