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I only person in family who go abroad. When I am calling home to talk to my mama my cuzzin they all want job abroad they tell me find them job. I tell them how I go by my own and find agency and make my career. How I leave country by my own like that they can also do. I cannot find employer for them they have to make own way like I do. They wasting my mobile card then I telling them please can you put mama on phone. When my mama coming on phone first thing she say Sally there no rice send money. I tell her mama why you no ask me how I am how my life is going here before you asking me money. Money money all time. 

That why sometime I no phone home many week. I see lot of missed call from Philippine but I no calling back. What the use. When I calling they want money money all time. My mama say send book and shoe for school for sister and brother. I make big box to send to Philippine. Box is taking 3 month reaching Davao. School is starting before box is reaching and my sisters crying because they not have book. My mama phoneing saying Sally where the box. How I know? box is on ship. Then I reading some ship is drown in sea I am praying not ship with my box. 

I am working very hard and sending money always I thinking of my brother and sisters. My maam she saying me Sally you think about yourself. keep money for yourself you will need when you go back Philippine. But my family depending on me so I keeping on sending money home. I wish my family have all nice thing like my maam family. Even if I work all my life I cannot get a home like my maam. I telling my maam that. she saying this not my home Sally I not owning it I only renting it. She not understanding my point. I cannot afford even renting home like this. I take picture of house and show it to maam and children. I telling them see I take picture of your house. Rayan is 5 year old he say no Sally you taking picture of your home. I feeling happy I belonging in this family.


Twizzle said...
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Twizzle said...


your maam is right. you need to think of yourself too. It doesn't mean you have to forget your family....

Just think all this work you are doing, if you are giving so much of your salary to your family what is going to happen to you when you finish work and go back to the Philippines. Will you have money saved up to make your life better?

what about all the money you sent them that went to drinking alcohol and that motorbike... you could have bought your little brothers and sisters a nice icebox or school supplies with that money!

Who else in your family is working to help pay for things for the family?

Sally, listen to your maam and at least think of yourself a little bit. If you don't send enough money back home they cannot buy things like alcohol. So send less money. Save money for yourself. for your future.

Also, if you are not sending so much money home, maybe the men in the family will finally go and get jobs. this might take a long time.... it might not happen... but you won't know unless you try and see.

Save money for yourself for YOUR FUTURE. you are jealous that your maam has a nice big home and lots of nice things? you are jealous that her children get nice things?

Listen, you don't have to have a big home and lots of things to make your life happy.

What you can do is save as much money as you can while you are working so that you can make your life more comfortable.

If you want to send your brothers and sisters things for school plan ahead next time. You know when their school starts right? So plan ahead and before your mother even has to ask you to send school supplies, just send stuff yourself 4-5 months early.

Also, when you are sending things, make sure you are thinking about what they NEED and not too much extra stuff that is too expensive and they don't really need.

It will be better for you to save as much money as you can for your future and once you move back to the Philippines don't let anyone know how much you have and make sure you don't let your family take away all of your money--especially when there are others who should be working too.

Anonymous said...

Tell us..who is better for you ? your maam and her good advice or your funny familly ?
And still, you have such a bad attitude torward your employer.
You always feel jaloucy, you never stop comparing your existence with hers. Yuck

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