All my sirs

My maam and sir going out of town so I am writing more. I not know when I get chance like this again so I quickly quickly finish my work and sitiing on computer. Today I tell you about my sir.

My sirs different in all places. I have total 3 sirs since I working abroad as housemaid. First sir is in Oman. He no good man. He very how you say bad not good heart. We calling him Baba. There two housemaid in that house. Me and another. Other housemaid she old she working there many year because she old she can take it. She telling me before me housemaid have affair with Baba. She leaving when her contrac over she no liking to do affair. When my Oman maam home Baba not even looking me in eye. I having leave tea cup on table in salla he coming taking tea cup no contact with me. But when maam not home he say Sally come bring tea here. Sally you want see your home in Philippine on computer. I know he not have good heart so I say no no and I go in my room quick. One day I give him tea he put his hand on my arm not good way. I tell him I complaining maam. He stopping but then I very scare. I want run away but I have to wait contrac not over. When my contrac over he also scare I will tell his wife if he make me extend contrac so he letting me go. He booking my ticket to Philippine. Ticket is very bad so many times I have to change plane. When I am leaving I telling him send my belonging Philippine by mail. He no send anything. Other housemaid tell me he throw in garbage.

My first sir in Dubai nice but too much particular. Like when they moving he making me making full inventry of all item. Every glass every CD. He also getting angry when thing breaking. He shouting lots but atleast he have good heart. Not bad man like first sir. He liking control my before maam. He telling her what to wear when they going out. He deciding all meal for dinner party. Before maam no like to make any decision she asking him what I wear today. One day my before maam is cutting her hair he not liking it. Too much controlling. But still he good.

This sir in Dubai is very nice. He very helpful to his wife my maam. He helping with children also. Actually even my maam helping with children lots. I have much less work in this house. My sir always give me salry on time. He good man best from all sir. He and maam allowing me to even use AC in house. In other places I no allow to use AC even in hot summer. I go buy fan at my other maam in Dubai and she get angry me why I buy fan. How I can stay without fan and AC. I am liking this sir most from all 3 sirs.

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