Mobile phone

I am wanting new phone. Today I see in paper that gitex is going on all mobile phones very cheap. I ask my maam if I can go. Maam she tell me Sally I dont know where this is I no can drive you there. Then I am seeing same thing in paper for Jackie store at moe. I am telling maam please you drop me on way to school. Maam she telling me she not going near MOe but she be taking me in two days. Phone is very nice. Very big screen. Also you are getting free dvd player. I am thinking I sending DVD player to Philippine. Maam she telling me Sally you are collecting lot things you better send box soon. She no like I collect thing in my bag. When she give me her old thing she say Sally you can have but I no want to see it. I am not wanting to see it that why I am not keeping it so you can keep it but I no want to see it. So I am keeping it all in my bags. Under bed or in store room outside. But bags is now full so I am thinking I have to find someone to shipping my box. 

My family will be happy if I sending dvd player. My family very poor. We having fridge but the door of fridge falling off so I have to hold with my knee when I am taking out food. Sometime I waiting for text from family but they not text me because they can buy one kilo rice in cost of one text. Sometime we not having contact 2 or 3 month. But is good because everytime I calling they asking me for money.

We be going moe and buying my mobile phone. I very happy with it. It LG Cookie phone and I get DVd player also. Maam she telling me Sally you be selling your dvd player to friend for 400 dirham then your phone be cheap. I telling no I sending to home in Davao. Then I be telling maam I want send printer to Philipine. Maam she make fun me she say why you need printer. I tell her bizness with printer very good near school. So maam she saying Sally you be needing computer also how you use the printer with no computer. but maam printer it not connect to computer. It sitting on table maam printing thing from it. I think maam be lying to me because she not want me to progress. Maam she also having other printer in other room never using it. Maybe I think if I telling maam I want buy printer she giving me her printer like she be giving me her old coffee machine and rice cooker.

I coming home very excite and charging my new cookie phone. I am liking that name very much. It is red and black. My maam she giving me advice. She be telling me Sally no buy pink colour phone what if you want to give it to your brother then he not using pink phone. I thinking she right so I buy black and red phone. I coming home putting battery in and making phone charge. Then I get excite and I phone up Lilibeth. She congratlat me to have new phone. Then I wait for full charge but phone not charge. All night I is waitng. In morning I telling my maam. She telling me you make call before full charge now problem. I be telling her I want exchange phone please take me carefour again. Maam she say she busy so I am telling her I am taking car lift and going carefour. But maam tell me not waste my money. But I be already wasting my money on phone that no get charge. She say tell Lilibeth to give you carlift. How she is knowing I be taking carlift sometime from Lilibeth? Lilibeth telling me she going Marina Mall first then to moe. I telling maam I coming only half an hour so I telling Lilibeth to drive fast. But not so fast so my stomic is ok.

Now this time I getting Samsung phone. They giving me sample piece already charged. Maam getting angry she be saying how you take sample did they give you discount. She thinking I crazy. I telling her that phone is for more than 600 dirham I be paying 599 dirham. But my new phone very nice. It pink colour. So what if I cannot give my brother. It be my phone.

Holiday and nailpolish

Since I have been inside Dubai I have not see the hotel Burjalarab from near. Only see it from far when we going MOE. I want to go see hotel so much. I only want to see from outside to take picture. My maam she going everyday she passing hotel to go school to pick up children. Only one day if she take me then I am taking picture. Maybe I going on my next holiday.

I usually go MOE or Sharja on my off day. Sometime I go Satwa. I go off day Friday. This maam nice she letting me go off day. In Oman it like prison I no go off day even one day. Only time I leaving house is when I putting garbage outside. At before maam in Dubai I not getting off day for 8 month then I asking and she giving me one day off. This maam asking me first day Sally what day you taking off. I telling her Friday but I only want to go one time in month. If I go more then I be spending more money then that not good. So I going one Friday only. My maam nice she letting me chose when I want go. If I want go sometime on Thursday also she let me go. She very easy that way.

On my off day I leaving home very early at 5.30 or 6 in morning come back at 5 in evening. First time I going I asking maam can I go on Thursday night and my maam saying No Sally I dont know where you going I am responsible for you I scare if you go in night. So now I leaving early Friday morning. I going seeing my cuzzin in Sharja. She very nice having own house and family. This week I excite I am taking picture of children showing my cuzzin. My maam I dont think she is liking when I taking picture of children all the time but I taking it anyway.

The car lift boy come pick me up and I leaving from side door. My maam will not give me key when I go on day off. Why I am not knowing. When she is going on vacaton she giving me her key but when I is going on friday for few hours she no give me key. She say Sally I will be home so why you need key. But mostly she not home then I waiting outside. One day maam coming back after 2 hour so I waiting in sun for 2 hour. But good the garage have AC so I waiting in garage so not so much in sun. But I telling maam I wait outside. When I maam phoning saying she 5 minute from home I am quickly putting off AC and waiting outside. Maam coming home and say Sally why you not start AC in garage and wait inside? why you wait in sun? I like that maam feel gilty I wait 2 hour so I not say anything about it. 

When maam go out of town I like because then I have whole house is mine. But maam she lock her room so I cannot use her thing. But I use anyway when she going out so why she is locking when she go out of town I not knowing. Two day back I find nice pink nailpolish. Maam is out so I trying on toe. Maam seeing and saying Sally nice colour. I got so scare I tell her Maam Lilibeth put for me. I think maam is suspect because she then saying Sally very nice colour ask Lilibeth what the number of the colour is. I am now worry because how I ask Lilibeth. If maam asking Lilibeth then I am in lot of trouble. Better I see the number and telling her the number. Maam and Lilibeth can have same colour nail polish no? Maybe she forget

When maam have headache one day I am giving her my panadol. Then maam giving me back 2 panadol I telling her no maam no need you give me back. So what if I take her nailpolish. She taking my thing also like my panadol. Sometime maam saying hurt thing and I feeling hurt like that. One day I throw out some paper. I no mean to throw I just cleaning table. Maam looking looking for the paper then she asking me Sally where is that paper. I tell her I throw it maam. She get very upset she say Sally do not throw anything that was very important paper. How I know it was important. It not say important on top. Just lot of number and lot of maam writing. Now maam telling me Sally not throw anything. I want throw something on maam. I not like when she angry.

I know I is lucky

I know I is lucky I have good sir and maam. Even in Oman my sir have bad heart but I am lucky I am  able look after myself. My friend Jessie not so lucky. She working in other neighbor house other side of Lilibeth. We meeting at park in evening. She working night day her maam calling her bitch all the time. If she going late home her maam slapping her face. She is not getting salary 6 month. I thinking my sir always give me salary first or second day of month. Jessie telling me in Philippine agency they tricking her telling her she work in hotel then she get this job working at this maam house. Agency taking lot of money from her for this job. Lot of agency if they not good they tricking and then maid is stuck because she signing contrac.

Jessie tell me she want run away but she scare. She give me money buy her mobile from Carrefour so she can phoning family. She not allow have mobile or use even at night when she is sleep. I telling my maam. My maam telling me Sally be careful no get involve. If she run away they blame you your visa get taken. How I no get involve she my friend since pass 1 month. Then my maam telling me Sally if she having trouble tell her go to agency or consulate. But how she go she no have mobile or money. But I telling maam yes yes maam I tell her that only to go to agency or consulate. Then we is meeting her in park to helping her. We thinking this good plan. Lilibeth tell her she be driving her to consulate one day. Lilibeth so clever she driving and all. I think my maam happy if I tell her she going to consulate so I tell her. Maam tell me Sally no get involve be careful you not want to help maid run away.

My other friend is working Sharja. She telling me that son of family is 11 year old and he telling her he give her money to do affair. How 11 year old boy talking like that. I tell her you telling his daddy or no? She say what the daddy will say he also having too much affair all time.

Our sir and maam they thinking we not know what going on in their life but we know all. Like other housemaid at my Oman place she telling me how Baba having affair. We pretending we not know because we scare they canceling our visa but we know everything.

One week ago my maam and sir having dinner party at house. All people coming talking talking. I listen everything. I know who is losing job. I know who is plan on leaving Dubai. I know which child say what in school and get in trouble. But I just listen. You not know when I not so lucky and I need use this to help my situation.

At home family

I only person in family who go abroad. When I am calling home to talk to my mama my cuzzin they all want job abroad they tell me find them job. I tell them how I go by my own and find agency and make my career. How I leave country by my own like that they can also do. I cannot find employer for them they have to make own way like I do. They wasting my mobile card then I telling them please can you put mama on phone. When my mama coming on phone first thing she say Sally there no rice send money. I tell her mama why you no ask me how I am how my life is going here before you asking me money. Money money all time. 

That why sometime I no phone home many week. I see lot of missed call from Philippine but I no calling back. What the use. When I calling they want money money all time. My mama say send book and shoe for school for sister and brother. I make big box to send to Philippine. Box is taking 3 month reaching Davao. School is starting before box is reaching and my sisters crying because they not have book. My mama phoneing saying Sally where the box. How I know? box is on ship. Then I reading some ship is drown in sea I am praying not ship with my box. 

I am working very hard and sending money always I thinking of my brother and sisters. My maam she saying me Sally you think about yourself. keep money for yourself you will need when you go back Philippine. But my family depending on me so I keeping on sending money home. I wish my family have all nice thing like my maam family. Even if I work all my life I cannot get a home like my maam. I telling my maam that. she saying this not my home Sally I not owning it I only renting it. She not understanding my point. I cannot afford even renting home like this. I take picture of house and show it to maam and children. I telling them see I take picture of your house. Rayan is 5 year old he say no Sally you taking picture of your home. I feeling happy I belonging in this family.

All my sirs

My maam and sir going out of town so I am writing more. I not know when I get chance like this again so I quickly quickly finish my work and sitiing on computer. Today I tell you about my sir.

My sirs different in all places. I have total 3 sirs since I working abroad as housemaid. First sir is in Oman. He no good man. He very how you say bad not good heart. We calling him Baba. There two housemaid in that house. Me and another. Other housemaid she old she working there many year because she old she can take it. She telling me before me housemaid have affair with Baba. She leaving when her contrac over she no liking to do affair. When my Oman maam home Baba not even looking me in eye. I having leave tea cup on table in salla he coming taking tea cup no contact with me. But when maam not home he say Sally come bring tea here. Sally you want see your home in Philippine on computer. I know he not have good heart so I say no no and I go in my room quick. One day I give him tea he put his hand on my arm not good way. I tell him I complaining maam. He stopping but then I very scare. I want run away but I have to wait contrac not over. When my contrac over he also scare I will tell his wife if he make me extend contrac so he letting me go. He booking my ticket to Philippine. Ticket is very bad so many times I have to change plane. When I am leaving I telling him send my belonging Philippine by mail. He no send anything. Other housemaid tell me he throw in garbage.

My first sir in Dubai nice but too much particular. Like when they moving he making me making full inventry of all item. Every glass every CD. He also getting angry when thing breaking. He shouting lots but atleast he have good heart. Not bad man like first sir. He liking control my before maam. He telling her what to wear when they going out. He deciding all meal for dinner party. Before maam no like to make any decision she asking him what I wear today. One day my before maam is cutting her hair he not liking it. Too much controlling. But still he good.

This sir in Dubai is very nice. He very helpful to his wife my maam. He helping with children also. Actually even my maam helping with children lots. I have much less work in this house. My sir always give me salry on time. He good man best from all sir. He and maam allowing me to even use AC in house. In other places I no allow to use AC even in hot summer. I go buy fan at my other maam in Dubai and she get angry me why I buy fan. How I can stay without fan and AC. I am liking this sir most from all 3 sirs.


I like read pocketbook. I buy for 15 dirham 4 book from Satwa when I return I can get 4 more book in same 15 dirham. Very lovely story. Today I want finish my work quickly so I can read story. It about girl who lose memory and find family after 15 year. I feel so sad but I also feel happy when she find family again. I tell my maam story. She smile and say Sally you like reading pocketbook good you are happy. My friend came back from Philipine she got lot of pocketbook. Poor friend she go Philippine think she have lot of money but she reaching there and all her money over because family spend all. She tell me no send your money to Philippine.

Money problem lot in Philippine. My maam say I cook so well I should open eating restrant. I tell her in Philippine eveyone coming in restrant saying Sally you know me I not pay you today. Then no business. Not like here you can make lot money doing business. Phone card is very good business but my maam no want me to do. My friend Lilibeth sometime also doing other business like my pant is too big so she fixing for me and I paying her 10 dirham.

Now my pocketbook over and I have nothing to read. So I will exchange in Satwa on next holiday. When I go for my day holiday my maam she no ask me any question what I buy where I go nothing. My before maam very inquistve. She want know everything. Why you buy shampoo why you buy noodle? One day she find I send box of noodle to my family in Philippine. She go tell her friend. Her friend housemaid she is my friend. she make fun of me. Now I feel embaras. Why she telling everyone I send noodle? She want check everything in my box that I am mailing to Philippine to see I not stealing any item of her. But still she better than my Oman employer. That one not even giving me old clothes or shoes. Everything go direct in garbage. Then she is checking my room to see I not take anything. I tell my friend who is housemaid next door to Oman house to take things from garbage but I no bring to my home. This maam I work for now is good she give me choice if I want bedsheet or not. When I break slipper she give me her own slipper. I feel like I working in foriner home.