I realize last time I am writing it is Christmas. Now Easter has also gone. It is so many days. Everyday I think that today I will write but then something is happening and I get so busy. I am so busy with so much work. It is because children is becoming big. Both of them all the time want something. They come from school and say Sally we want snack. Sally we want fruit. Sally we want dinner. Sally you make cake. Sally you iron this clothes. Sally sally sally. Full time I am running behind these two children.

Maam always tell me Sally you give them what they are wanting. dont bother me. Last week Sarah tell maam this. She say mummy you are best mummy because you do so many thing for us. you always give us snack you always keep our clothes ready. Maam is very happy when she say this. But I am little bit upset that maam is always taking credit for my work. But what I can say?

Anyway on Easter maam is doing easter egg treasure hunt every year. I am telling you about this before also one time. Children look for clue and then at end of treasure hunt there is some present. Rayan is now become little suspect of maam. He say how is this bunny putting all this egg? Why the bunny bring egg? How the bunny come into house? Why the treasure hunt always look like same?

He look at maam and say I think you are the easter bunny.

I see maams face. She have two choice. She can say yes I am bunny and take full credit for the treasure hunt. Or she can say no I am not bunny. If she say yes then it mean that Rayan is now big boy. If she say no she is able to keep thinking he is baby. I am thinking what maam will say?

Maam is very clever. She say Rayan if you dont believe then the easter bunny will be very sad and not come next year. Now I look at Rayans face. He have two choice also. He can say I dont believe and then no present next year. Or he can say I believe and he will get his present. What you think he will say? He is only 9. But he is also clever. He say I know easter bunny will always bring me present. Because the easter bunny love me.

Anyway after all that the children open presents. Inside maam is putting some chocolate easter bunny. But full chocolate bunny is melted. Children do not care. They just lick full wrapper and eat melted bunny. I am thinking it is good thing only chocolate bunny is melting and not the real easter bunny. It is good thing that maam is able to save the real easter bunny.

And I am also thinking this. When I do the work maam is always taking credit. And that make me upset. But when maam do the work on easter she let easter bunny take the credit. And that way maam is not only saving easter bunny. She is also saving Rayans childhood. And that make me smile. I am not upset with maam anymore. It is ok if she take credit for my work.