It is almost christmas. Maam is getting a tree and we are all decorating it. It is very pretty. It has little lights that we are putting on in the night. And a big star on the top. Maam is having to climb on big ladder to put decoration on tree. I think this full tree is cost more than my salary for one month. Really.

Anyway maams friend is come here for Christmas celebration with full family. She is maams very good friend from school days. Maam is not seeing her for many years. She is coming with her husband and 3 children. Whole house is full. There is 5 more people in house.  And 3 children are big. Like my age. They are working in big company in their home country. I wish even I have chance like them to work in big company.

I dont like maams friend. Her name is V. She is all the time giving me order. She say Sally you do this. Sally you do that. Sally make tea. Sally this coffee not hot you need to make hot. Yesterday I hear V tell maam that she give me too much free time. She give maam full lecture about me. Maam is not saying anything. I hope maam does not listen what this V is saying.

Vs daughters only want to do makeup and shopping. Every day maam have to take them to mall. They come home at night with so many bag. I dont know how they will take everything home. Then they want to go to party. So maam take them out after dinner again. Every day. Same thing. Shopping party shopping party shopping party. Maam is looking very tired. I am worry for her. She have bad back. I hope she not get problem again.

Every day in morning I am making breakfast. So much work. So much cooking. And laundry also is so much. And they are going for lot of party so lot of ironing also. And house also have to be clean. They are so messy. Shoes is everywhere. Bed is to be make. Shopping they are trying on clothes and throwing in room. Then they tell me to fold everything. 

I think maam is get fed up. Today maam say Sally I am tired. I want this break to be over soon. I tell her maam even I am tired. there is lot of work. Maam say Sally you go rest but dont let V see you resting. She smile and I know she is with me.

This break is just beginning. I hope maam and I dont break before it is over.