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Childrens school is closing. They are getting report card. Both children get A or A+ in all subject. Maam is so happy she say children we go out to celebrate. And yesterday I am reading in paper that Sheikh Mohammed is phoning to inform top students in Dubai about their result. Imagine the phone is ringing and it is the Sheikh saying congratulation you have all A+ on your report card. It is something you can never forget.

Anyway two week back maam is deciding to do furniture moving. She say Sally you come help me we are moving this sofa. I think we are just pulling it but maam say no Sally we have to lift it because the sofa is scratching the floor. Maam is lifting one side. I am lifting other side. It is not very heavy and we are moving it.

After one day my back is paining me. I tell maam I am lifting sofa and now back is paining. Maam say Sally what you are talking about? She say Sally look at me I have so bad back and my back is ok. How your back can pain with lifting one sofa? Take panadol. You know maam love to say take panadol. Headache take panadol. Backache take panadol. Tooth pain take panadol.

So I take panadol. But it is not better. I tell maam I take panadol but back is still hurting. Maam say ok Sally you put salonpas on it. So I put salonpas on it. Maam is not doctor but she like to give medicine like a doctor. Because she is not wanting to take me to doctor.

But salonpas is also not helping. I am telling Vicky. She say I do massage for you. So in afternoon when children and maam is going out Vicky is doing my massage. It is better but it is still paining. 

Next two days I am not able to do vacum. I tell maam. She say Sally it better I take you for doctor. We go to doctor and he give me medicine. The medicine is make me feeling very sleepy. I tell maam medicine is making me sleepy. Maam say Sally what you want me to say? If medicine make you sleepy then you go lie down. Maybe you have to rest little bit.

I tell maam that I go rest and I will not go for day off on Friday. Maam say Sally just go rest we worry about that later. I am resting full day in my room. Next day I feel better but still little bit sleepy. But it is ok. I can do my work. But maam tell me Sally when your back hurt you please go lie down. Then she say it is ok Sally if you rest for two or three days. I not cut your day off for this.

I know I am lucky because maam is treat me well. Maybe she wait few days before doctor but at least she take me to doctor. And she buy for me medicine. And let me take two rest day and my day off in one week. She is usually good employer so I am lucky.

Few week back there is this story in paper. About how Dubai police is doing like this education for people about how to keep maid so she do not run away. Some things they are saying is this. Treat maid well. Pay maid on time. Do not let maid sleep in room outside house. If you leave maid alone she may do magic so do not leave her alone. Do all this so maid is happy and does not run away.

All this education is good. But I want to tell you what I am thinking. If the maid runs away and she breaks her contract she is deport and ban. Even if maid runs away because the employer is bad. The bad employer does not get ban. The bad employer will get another maid and his life is normal. but the maid if she runs away from the bad employer is finish. khalas.

So all this education on how to tread maid is good but it is of no use if there is no report card for the bad employer. This month my maams report card is A+


Anonymous said...

Just came by to say hello and hope you are doing well dear Sally, enjoying reading your posts as always. take care have a wonderful summer
Greetings from Sweden :-)

Sandra said...

Report card for employers is a great idea. Go Sally!!

nevermind said...

lol to the people who actually believe 'sally' is a maid who writes a blog. Each post is more than an hour of work. Do you guys think 'sally' would sit in front of a computer writing this stuff? Sorry to spoil the party but our 'sally' is the 'nigerian prince' of the 'my uncle left me a million dollars' fame.

Jonathan W. Gulayan said...

Hi Sally! Parehas lang tau Pilipino and I wanna share with you my videos OFW din ako:

AJ said...

Hi Sally
kamusta po kayo?

I have followed your blog for a long time now - your writing is very interesting and inspiring.

Have you considered turning your writing into a book? I bet it would be popular, and you could earn some extra money for yourself and your family.

If you think about it, and want me to tell you more, you can send me an email:

Anonymous said...

I featured your blog.

Anonymous said...

AJ- Sally is a fake. Her writing is INDEED very interesting and inspiring. Her intention, I believe is good, but she is a fake

Anonymous said...

Sorry but I need to post

I am searching for a trust worthy lady to come work for me cooking ( i will teach her but at least she knows different cousins), cleaning, helping me with my children ages of 3 & 2 & 6 months, ironing and cleaning and she has to speak English. Her salary will be 300 Euros she has to be active and willing to help me because I travel freaquintly with my kids.

I am from the UAE, Abu Dhabi. We are good family and we respeact and care for people who show us the same to our family.


Anonymous said...

Why don't people read a disclaimer below?
Loving the blog, but Sally is not real..

Anonymous said...

Fkn hell, that's hillarious.

willhemarryu? said...

Well Sally, I must say it was so clever of you to use a profile of a Filipino maid to put up a blog that's so simple yet meaningful. It was a good move to prefer choosing a character who's intellect is somehow raw and unadulterated but full of heart and almost philosophical. When others use the point of view of a kid, or a mentally impaired, you used a character who was most likely born poor and had no education, but has an inner wisdom. I'm just wondering how you were able to be in so much character. Did you have a Filipina maid? Were you married by any chance to a Filipina? I read that you were not even from the Philippines. Interesting entries, I must say. said...

You are very wise in your interpretations of simple things. You are able to convince readers that you are a Filipina maid. I guess, if you are not even a Filipina in real life, then you may have been a friend to a Filipina maid or are you the "maam" itself? Cheers!

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