I am reading in internet that the singer of Gangnam style has new song. The name of this new song is Gentleman. When I read this I think how this singer is become so famous with one song. No one is even understand what Gangman style song is meaning but still everyone is singing it. and dancing like they are on horse. Even small children like two and three years old is doing gangnam style in park. I know it is silly dance. but even I just want to dance like that when I am hearing the song.

Last month one day Sara is saying Sally do you know what is harlem shake. I tell Sara I know Abu Dhabi Sheikh. and Dubai Sheikh. What is this Harlem Sheikh? Sara is laughing so much. She is telling maam. Maam is also laughing and saying Sally you are so funny.Then Sara is bringing her laptop and showing me what this harlem shake is. It is so stupid. People are just dancing like they are going mad. There is some stupid song that is playing. I dont know why it is so famous this harlem shake. 

Then Sara is saying Sally we are also going to do harlem shake. She is putting the music on. Camera on. They she say come on everybody lets do the harlem shake. Maam is dancing. Rayan is dancing. Sara is dancing. So even I do dancing. It is lot of fun. After that we are all looking at the movie. We look so stupid. But Sara is so happy that we are all looking stupid. Sara say she is going to put on internet. Maam say Sara it is ok to have fun but not ok to put on internet. Sara is getting upset. She say mom you are so mean. what is point of doing the video if no one is allow to see it? She go to her room.

Full time after that I am thinking of this dance. How something so stupid is become so famous? When I meet my friend Vicky I tell her we are all doing harlem shake in the house. Vicky say Sally you are so lucky. Your maam is doing so much fun with you. She say I wish even I can do harlem shake with my maam.

Two days before in Dubai there is earthquake. Actually earthquake is in Iran. But everything is shaking even in Dubai. Light is shaking. Glass is shaking. Full house is shaking like it is going to fall down. Maam say Sally it is earthquake run out of house. We are running outside. Everyone is running outside. Even Vicky and her maam is running outside. 

When I see Vicky I want to laugh. I tell you why. Vicky wish to do harlem shake with her maam. But instead she is doing a Dubai shake. And not the type that is a Gentleman.

I know it is silly. But I just want to laugh.

Maid of honor

Maam is so excited. Her best friend in Dubai is getting married. Her name is Miss S. I cannot say the real name because you know why. Miss S is making maam the maid of honor. Maam is telling me Sally I am so happy for Miss S to be getting married.  I think maam is more happy because her friend is making her maid of honor. 

Full day maam is on phone with her friend. They are doing all planning. Maam is happy because the  wedding is in dubai only. She tell me Sally for first time I am able to be in wedding like this. otherwise all wedding is taking place in home country and I am having to miss the wedding.

Maam is buying new dress. New shoes. Miss S dress is coming. Maam is showing me everything. She say Sally I know you are interested in seeing this wedding. She tell me Miss S is inviting me for the wedding. for help for cooking in wedding house. Because lot of people is coming from lot of places. Maam say that Miss S say I can come for wedding if I help with cooking and other things. I am so excited. Maam is buying for me new dress. 

I know Miss S very well. She is getting married second time. First time she is doing divorce because her husband is not nice man. That is what she is saying one time when she is coming to this house. She say Sally you marry nice man only. my first husband is not nice man. he is like garbage. My new husband is good man better than my first husband.

I am thinking what her first husband is doing to her that she is calling him garbage. Maybe he is doing affair with other girl. I ask maam why Miss S is getting divorce. Maam is looking at me like I am going mad. She say Sally you mind your business. Why you are poking your nose in everything? Maam is not liking that I am interested in her friend.

Then maam say something. She say Sally you need to be clear. Miss S is my friend. She is not your friend. You are not her maid of honor. Just because you are coming to wedding does not mean you and Miss S are best friends. Remember your place you are the maid. I feel little bit angry that maam is talking to me like this. I am doing so much work for maam and Miss S for this wedding. I feel very upset with myself when I get angry for thing like this. Because I know I can never do friendship with maam or Miss S. But still it hurt my feeling.

Before I am going to Oman for my first job I am going for training by my agency. I am telling you this before one time. That we are going to agency bungaloo for training when we are waiting for our visa. They teach us many things. Like folding napkin for dinner party. And how to do bleach of white clothes. How to make bed. How to do vaccum. Like that. Anyway why I am telling you all this again is this reason. The agency also tell us always say truth to employer. Always respect. Always honor employer. My grandmother also always tell me this. Always respect and honor your maam. 

I know I am not the best friend and maid of honor for this wedding. I know I must honor and respect for maam. But sometimes maam make me so angry and upset. Tomorrow I will forget my upset. But today I just have to swallow my upset and pretend. To respect her. To honor her. To like her.

Miss S is not my friend. Maam is making that very clear. but still I hope her new husband is not pretending to honor and respect her. I hope he is not pretending to be a man of honor.