It is almost christmas. Maam is getting a tree and we are all decorating it. It is very pretty. It has little lights that we are putting on in the night. And a big star on the top. Maam is having to climb on big ladder to put decoration on tree. I think this full tree is cost more than my salary for one month. Really.

Anyway maams friend is come here for Christmas celebration with full family. She is maams very good friend from school days. Maam is not seeing her for many years. She is coming with her husband and 3 children. Whole house is full. There is 5 more people in house.  And 3 children are big. Like my age. They are working in big company in their home country. I wish even I have chance like them to work in big company.

I dont like maams friend. Her name is V. She is all the time giving me order. She say Sally you do this. Sally you do that. Sally make tea. Sally this coffee not hot you need to make hot. Yesterday I hear V tell maam that she give me too much free time. She give maam full lecture about me. Maam is not saying anything. I hope maam does not listen what this V is saying.

Vs daughters only want to do makeup and shopping. Every day maam have to take them to mall. They come home at night with so many bag. I dont know how they will take everything home. Then they want to go to party. So maam take them out after dinner again. Every day. Same thing. Shopping party shopping party shopping party. Maam is looking very tired. I am worry for her. She have bad back. I hope she not get problem again.

Every day in morning I am making breakfast. So much work. So much cooking. And laundry also is so much. And they are going for lot of party so lot of ironing also. And house also have to be clean. They are so messy. Shoes is everywhere. Bed is to be make. Shopping they are trying on clothes and throwing in room. Then they tell me to fold everything. 

I think maam is get fed up. Today maam say Sally I am tired. I want this break to be over soon. I tell her maam even I am tired. there is lot of work. Maam say Sally you go rest but dont let V see you resting. She smile and I know she is with me.

This break is just beginning. I hope maam and I dont break before it is over.

Return the favor

Remember my friend Jessie? She live near my maams old house? Her maam is all the time beat her and call her bitch. Jessie want to run away but she is still stuck in that house.

Jessie is full time so depress because her situation is not good. Then one day she phone me. She tell me that she get so angry with her maam she want to spit in her maams coffee. She say it will make her feel so happy when her maam is drinking the coffee. I tell her Jessie you not do that if you are caught it will be bad. She say Sally it already so bad at least I can laugh when she is drinking my spit. But she is too scared. I know she will not do this. 

I dont know if you remember this. Jessies maam have a loro. A parrot. It can talk. And because the maam call Jessie bitch all the time the parrot call her bitch. Yesterday Jessie tell me she is teaching the parrot all bad word in tagalog. like putanginamo. It mean f you. She tell her maam it mean I love you. And puta ka. you are a bitch. She tell her maam it mean you are beautiful.

I dont think what Jessie is doing is good because she can get in so much trouble if her maam is finding out. But I think Jessie need to laugh that is why she do this thing. 

We have this thing in my home country. utang na loob. It mean you have to repay a person what you owe them. we use it when someone do something good for you then you have to return him something.I try to explain better.

Suppose someone do some favor for you. You cannot pay money for it. You have to repay person with another favor. If you dont do a favor back for the person then you are walang utang na loob. that mean ungrateful. You have to make a balancing of all the favor.

It is not like it is a law that you have to return the favor. But something inside your head or your heart tell you that you have to do it. Sometimes the favor is so big you can never return it. But you always have to try. and keep trying till you are satisfy. That is the way in my home country.

Jessie wants to give her maam spit because her maam is giving her shit. But instead she uses the parrot to return the favor to her maam.


Sara is very fast runner. She like to run. Even when it is so hot she is going for practice run. On saturday sometimes she go to al barsha park for running. Even I like to do jogging. But for me it is because I am little bit fat. It is running for fat not fun.

Anyway today I  am thinking about the word run. Some people like Sara run for fun. Some people like me run for fat. Maybe you run away from something. Or you run to something. or for something. Like prime minister or president. When Rayan is doing lot of potty maam say he have run. when Saras sock is tearing she say it have a run. when maam is not well she say I am run down. or if I ask for off day on some other day she will say I dont know Sally I have to run it by sir.

So many use for one word. As usual I tell maam. She say Sally that is all good. But now run along and do your housework. She is so boring sometime she dont want to think and she dont want me also to think. But I am always thinking about thing like this. If you know any more meaning please run it by me. see how I use it again?

Anyway in my last story I write that I will tell you about my romance with Richie. I go back to Philippines. Richie is coming to meet me at my house. He is bringing my son. our son. And he is bringing me flower. He tell me that he miss me. He cry that it is always me that he want. No one else. Not Elise. You remember he was doing affair with her? He tell me he is so sorry.

And he also say this. Because he is doing affair with Elise he realise how much he love me. Because he knows no one love him like I love him. I feel angry about Elise but what I can say? We were not together when he do affair so it not like he cheat on me. I tell him I need to think for few days before I decide what I will do. But I know I will take him back. Because of my son. Because he need a mother and a father.

My friends all tell me he is really change. No drinking. No smoking. Only working. He is doing painting job. He is looking after my son. He is waiting for me. So I get engage. to my sons father. To my love. I am happy. but I am also sad. Because I have to leave him and come back to Dubai.

But now it is funny. I miss Richie but sometimes I even forget I am engage. My life is change but in Dubai nothing has change. I am still sally. housemaid for my maam. Doing all the work. My son is still far away. Richie is far away. And I do not know what he is doing.

Yesterday I am reading in paper that there is this housemaid. Like me but from indonesia. She is going to jail for one month. When I tell you why you will be shock. Her husband is in Indonesia. He is telling her on phone that he want to leave her. do divorce. She is so upset she say she cannot live without him. She is getting depress. She want to die so she take 25 panadol. she try to do suicide. Her maam is taking her to hospital. After that she is going to jail. She go to jail for being depress.

I am thinking that this girls situation is same like me. She is here. Her husband is in Indonesia. I am here. Richie is in Philippines. I do not know what he is doing. If Richie do like this separation or leave me me maybe even I will feel like I want to die. Maybe even I will want to run away from my life.

I hope I can run back home soon. 

I am back

Many of you who is my regular reader must be thinking why I am not writing for so many day. I will tell you my full story. My contract is getting over. So I am thinking I will go back to Philippines. I think it is good time for me to be with my son. I tell my maam I am going back home. because my son is needing me.

Maam is not happy with me. She say Sally I treat you so nice and you are leaving us. For many days she is not talking to me. I feel bad but I feel I have to go and be with my son. So I am leaving Dubai. I go back home. With all my things. I think Dubai is finish. Khalas. This is in August end. 

I go back home to Davao. I meet everyone. I am so happy. My son is so happy. My brother and sister is so happy. I am even getting engage to Richie. That is long story. It is good news. But I will tell you my romance story on another day. Today I have to tell you about how I went home.

My mother for two days is happy. Then she is tell me Sally what you have done? How you have leave your job? Your maam is so good and you are leaving her? Who will pay for us to eat our food. Your son who will pay for him to wear clothes. Your brothers and sister who will pay for their books? She make me feel so guilty. 

I tell my mother that Richie is doing some job as house painter. He will pay for us. She laugh. She tell me what Richie will pay for with that money. Maybe he can pay for you and your son. But what about your brother and sister? And me? Who will pay for me? You have to do more work. You better go back to your maam before she find someone else.

I look at my mothers house. Everything in the house is coming from money I am sending. All from the dirham I am earn. We have new fridge. Before this the fridge door is broken I have to hold the door with my knee when I am taking out the food. Now my mother have new fridge. From my dirham. We have new tv. Maam is sending her old microwave for my mother. It is still working but maam getting new one she give me old one. We have toaster. We have mixer.  

My mothers house is small but it have everything. What more she is needing? Why I have to go back? And what about my mothers husband? why he not pay for anything? I tell you why. Because full time he is drinking. full time he is sleeping. He is not good man.

For many days I am thinking thinking what I must do. I am so happy to be with my son. And Richie he is also improve so much. Everyone tell me that he really love me. Everyone tell me he really miss me. That he is grow up and become man. I ask him Richie what I should do? He tell me Sally you go back for two more years. Then we will get marry.

So I call my maam. I am so scare that she already find new housemaid. If I have to go to new house with new maam and sir I feel that I will die. But I am lucky. She is not finding anyone full time. She is using agency maid to come and clean house. She is doing cooking by herself. 

She is little bit angry that I do all this drama. But I can tell in her voice she is also happy. But she say Sally I dont know. I bring you back and after one or two year again you do this? I not tell her that I am engage to Richie. If I tell her maybe she think I will leave again soon.

Anyway she is doing my visa again. And that is how I come back to Dubai. I am homesick again. I miss my son. I miss Richie. How I will pass two years?

Maam is happy I am back. I dont know what she will say when she find out that I am engage. that one day I will really go back forever. I am happy she take me back. But I just want to go back home. 

look hot feel cool

Dubai is very hot in summer. It is so hot that you are feeling like you are sitting inside oven. It is so hot that the orange construction man is not allow to work for few hour in the afternoon. But still he has to work for the rest of the day.

Few week ago I am reading something in paper. I tell you what it is. They have got some special jacket from Japan that is having AC inside the jacket. So the person who is wearing the jacket is like having mobile AC. First I think this jacket is for the orange construction man and I feel so happy that finally they are doing something good for these worker. Then I am reading this. 

The jacket is not for the orange man. It is for inspector who is going to shop to inspect the shop. This inspector is sitting in AC car or taxi or bus and going to the shop. He is not standing in hot sun full day and doing work like the orange man. But the orange man is not getting the cool AC jacket.

I am thinking of this story because yesterday Sara is wearing shorts and tank top. Maam tell her Sara you are now teenager you cannot go to mall dress like this. Especially just now during Ramadan the mall is become very strict. They are giving notice to people who are not follow dress rules.

Sara say mom these shorts look so cool. And it is so hot. let me wear it. Sara think she look cool but maam think she look hot. That is the problem. Maam say Sara if you want to go to mall you better change. Now Sara is get angry with maam. She say this rule of clothes is stupid. I dont like it. Maam say like or not Sara you better follow or you will be in trouble. Sara have no choice. She change her clothes.

And that is why I think of this orange man and the AC jacket. Sara feels she is cool when she looks hot. And the orange man needs to feel cool when he is so hot. He needs to feel cool with the AC jacket in the hot sun.

I hope they bring AC jacket for the orange man.

After I write this story I read in paper that they are already giving cooling hat to some of the orange man. This hat is having two fans that is helping the orange man to feel cool. This is good. but I still hope they get AC jacket for them soon.

report card

Childrens school is closing. They are getting report card. Both children get A or A+ in all subject. Maam is so happy she say children we go out to celebrate. And yesterday I am reading in paper that Sheikh Mohammed is phoning to inform top students in Dubai about their result. Imagine the phone is ringing and it is the Sheikh saying congratulation you have all A+ on your report card. It is something you can never forget.

Anyway two week back maam is deciding to do furniture moving. She say Sally you come help me we are moving this sofa. I think we are just pulling it but maam say no Sally we have to lift it because the sofa is scratching the floor. Maam is lifting one side. I am lifting other side. It is not very heavy and we are moving it.

After one day my back is paining me. I tell maam I am lifting sofa and now back is paining. Maam say Sally what you are talking about? She say Sally look at me I have so bad back and my back is ok. How your back can pain with lifting one sofa? Take panadol. You know maam love to say take panadol. Headache take panadol. Backache take panadol. Tooth pain take panadol.

So I take panadol. But it is not better. I tell maam I take panadol but back is still hurting. Maam say ok Sally you put salonpas on it. So I put salonpas on it. Maam is not doctor but she like to give medicine like a doctor. Because she is not wanting to take me to doctor.

But salonpas is also not helping. I am telling Vicky. She say I do massage for you. So in afternoon when children and maam is going out Vicky is doing my massage. It is better but it is still paining. 

Next two days I am not able to do vacum. I tell maam. She say Sally it better I take you for doctor. We go to doctor and he give me medicine. The medicine is make me feeling very sleepy. I tell maam medicine is making me sleepy. Maam say Sally what you want me to say? If medicine make you sleepy then you go lie down. Maybe you have to rest little bit.

I tell maam that I go rest and I will not go for day off on Friday. Maam say Sally just go rest we worry about that later. I am resting full day in my room. Next day I feel better but still little bit sleepy. But it is ok. I can do my work. But maam tell me Sally when your back hurt you please go lie down. Then she say it is ok Sally if you rest for two or three days. I not cut your day off for this.

I know I am lucky because maam is treat me well. Maybe she wait few days before doctor but at least she take me to doctor. And she buy for me medicine. And let me take two rest day and my day off in one week. She is usually good employer so I am lucky.

Few week back there is this story in paper. About how Dubai police is doing like this education for people about how to keep maid so she do not run away. Some things they are saying is this. Treat maid well. Pay maid on time. Do not let maid sleep in room outside house. If you leave maid alone she may do magic so do not leave her alone. Do all this so maid is happy and does not run away.

All this education is good. But I want to tell you what I am thinking. If the maid runs away and she breaks her contract she is deport and ban. Even if maid runs away because the employer is bad. The bad employer does not get ban. The bad employer will get another maid and his life is normal. but the maid if she runs away from the bad employer is finish. khalas.

So all this education on how to tread maid is good but it is of no use if there is no report card for the bad employer. This month my maams report card is A+


Few days back maam is taking me to Ibn Batuta mall. I am going there before one time but mostly I go to MOE or Dubai Mall. This Ibn Batuta mall is very interesting mall I tell you why. There is this man called Ibn Batuta. He is like explorer. He is living many years ago and he is going to many countries like china india egypt. He is writing about all this country in his book. That is how we know about him. 

All the country that he is going to is there in this Ibn Batuta mall. So there is like a china part of mall. india part of mall. It is good they are doing this because I am not knowing who this man is before I am going to this mall. Children are also not knowing this. But now everyone in Dubai knows who Ibn Batuta is.

I am telling this to Lilibeth when I talk to her on mobile. I miss Lilibeth because she is not living in next door house because my maam is moving to her new house. Anyway Lilibeth tell me something very interesting. She say that this man Ibn Batuta is even talking about a princess from my home country. He write that he is meeting princess Urduja. We all know about princess Urduja from Pangasinan. There is even a cartoon movie called Urduja that I am seeing one time. This is why I love talking to Lilibeth. She is always giving me connection with my home.

Anyway after I talk to Lilibeth about princess I am seeing so many stories about princess in the paper. It is like the princesses are all doing something important this week. Maybe all these princesses are doing good thing every day and I am only realise it now.

Like there is this princess in Saudi. Princess Ameerah. She says that woman is not having any rights in Saudi because men are scared. She want more woman is able to go to work if they want to. Then I am reading about this princess Aysha from Kuwait who is leaving her palace and going to Saudi to be close to Prophet. She is giving up all her riches for her belief. Both these princesses is very good person who is doing good things. That is why their story is in paper.

And remember when we are all seeing the wedding of princess Kate and prince William? I am reading this week that princess Kate is having important duty to name a ship. The ship is called Royal Princess. And when I think there is no more princess story maam tell me that there is new fairy tale princess like snow white and cinderella. a new disney princess. This princess is Princess Sofia. These princesses are famous so everything they do is coming in paper.

And then I am reading one more story about a princess. There is this building in Dubai. It is called Princess Tower. It is in Marina part of Dubai. It has some world record. the tallest residence building in the world or something. Dubai is always having some record like this. Tallest building. Fastest lift. Tallest hotel. tallest twisted building.

Anyway the reason why I am seeing this Princess Tower in the paper is because all the lifts is stop working. Imagine. If you are living on 100 floor you have to climb up and down 100 floors. I am happy I am not living in the Princess Tower. 

When I think of Princess Tower I think of that story Rapunzel. You all know the story. The witch is locking the princess inside the tower and there is no stairs or no lift. So the witch have to climb the tower on the hair of the princess. I am thinking this is so crazy story. who is writing this story? How anyone can climb up the tower on someones hair I do not know. The hair of the princess will break before the witch can reach the top.

Anyway what I am thinking about these princesses is this. Some people are on top of tower because they are famous. Like Kate and Sofia. Princess Ameerah and Aysha are on top of the tower because they are so good people.

The people in Princess Tower are there because they have lot of money. But they learn important lesson. To reach your home at the top you have to climb many stairs. Sometimes there is shortcut. like lift. or hair ha ha. But that can break. And you will have to climb up again.

You can have all the money in the world. but you still have to climb up to live at the top of the tower.

fake watch

Some days ago I am reading something that make me think. There is this lady who is doing divorce for her husband because he is giving her fake watch for dowry. I explain. In Dubai there is custom that man is paying dowry for marrying a woman. Like he is buying the girl. I think maybe in before times they are paying camel or something to the father. Now they are paying money. or maybe watch or car. There is even competition in men who is giving more money. Who is paying more for his wife.

Anyway this lady is getting some expensive designer watch in her dowry. But it is stop working and when she is taking for repair they tell her watch is fake. She is getting so angry with husband she is divorcing him.

This man is giving his wife a watch that is worth less than a real designer watch. And he is also getting a wife that is worth less. So actually he got what he paid for. First I think it serve him right. He is like doing cheating on his wife by giving her something fake.

But then I think this. If the fake watch is still working then they will still be married. Fake watch break means fake marriage break. If he is giving her a real watch he is never seeing who his real wife is.

With a real watch he will still be married to his wife. but he will always have to watch out. Because all their time together is fake.

mountain climb

Few days back I am reading in paper that this girl from saudi is climbing everest. It is big thing for this girl because you know how they are in saudi for woman. They are not allow to do anything. But some of them are trying to make change to that. Like this girl who is climbing the mountain. Or that saudi girl who is doing judo in olympics. Or the girl who is going to jai for driving a car. Only one of them is climbing Mount Everest. But all of them are climbing very big mountain to make change.

Anyway I am thinking of this girl climbing mount everest and then I am thinking of this mountain in my home country. It is called Mount Mayon. It is volcano. Few days back I am reading in internet that  it is erupting. For only one minute or something. but it is killing some people. So scary. Imagine you have this dream to climb a mountain. One minute you are alive and so happy because your dream is coming true. Next minute there is a volcano and your dreams are gone forever.

This volcano is called Mayon but we also call it Bulkang Magayon. Because of the story we hear when we are small. The story is that there is this beautiful princess. Daragang Magayon. She is falling in love with this boy. But he is not like a prince. Like romeo and juliet  story there is a big fight. Both lovers are dying. Where they are burying the princess a big mountain is growing. This is Mount Mayon. When the mountain is erupting they say she is crying for her lover.

Anyway I was talking about the saudi girl who is climbing the mountain. My grandmother always tell me this. She say mountain have two side. One is sunny side. one is dark side. If you are stuck on the dark side you have to climb up the mountain so you can reach the sunny side. My grandmother always tell me thing like this when I am having difficulty in my life. Like she say Sally without rain how can there be a rainbow?

But today I am thinking this. What happens when you reach the top of this mountain? Your dream is come true. You are so happy. Everything is sunny. You have reached the top. You have climbed up from the dark side. After that only two thing can happen. you can go down this mountain or you can stay on top of this mountain.

If you go down hope you can always stay on the sunny side. hope you do not go back down into the dark side of this mountain. And if you can stay on top of this mountain hope there is no volcano. that takes away your dream. in one minute.


I am reading in internet that the singer of Gangnam style has new song. The name of this new song is Gentleman. When I read this I think how this singer is become so famous with one song. No one is even understand what Gangman style song is meaning but still everyone is singing it. and dancing like they are on horse. Even small children like two and three years old is doing gangnam style in park. I know it is silly dance. but even I just want to dance like that when I am hearing the song.

Last month one day Sara is saying Sally do you know what is harlem shake. I tell Sara I know Abu Dhabi Sheikh. and Dubai Sheikh. What is this Harlem Sheikh? Sara is laughing so much. She is telling maam. Maam is also laughing and saying Sally you are so funny.Then Sara is bringing her laptop and showing me what this harlem shake is. It is so stupid. People are just dancing like they are going mad. There is some stupid song that is playing. I dont know why it is so famous this harlem shake. 

Then Sara is saying Sally we are also going to do harlem shake. She is putting the music on. Camera on. They she say come on everybody lets do the harlem shake. Maam is dancing. Rayan is dancing. Sara is dancing. So even I do dancing. It is lot of fun. After that we are all looking at the movie. We look so stupid. But Sara is so happy that we are all looking stupid. Sara say she is going to put on internet. Maam say Sara it is ok to have fun but not ok to put on internet. Sara is getting upset. She say mom you are so mean. what is point of doing the video if no one is allow to see it? She go to her room.

Full time after that I am thinking of this dance. How something so stupid is become so famous? When I meet my friend Vicky I tell her we are all doing harlem shake in the house. Vicky say Sally you are so lucky. Your maam is doing so much fun with you. She say I wish even I can do harlem shake with my maam.

Two days before in Dubai there is earthquake. Actually earthquake is in Iran. But everything is shaking even in Dubai. Light is shaking. Glass is shaking. Full house is shaking like it is going to fall down. Maam say Sally it is earthquake run out of house. We are running outside. Everyone is running outside. Even Vicky and her maam is running outside. 

When I see Vicky I want to laugh. I tell you why. Vicky wish to do harlem shake with her maam. But instead she is doing a Dubai shake. And not the type that is a Gentleman.

I know it is silly. But I just want to laugh.

Maid of honor

Maam is so excited. Her best friend in Dubai is getting married. Her name is Miss S. I cannot say the real name because you know why. Miss S is making maam the maid of honor. Maam is telling me Sally I am so happy for Miss S to be getting married.  I think maam is more happy because her friend is making her maid of honor. 

Full day maam is on phone with her friend. They are doing all planning. Maam is happy because the  wedding is in dubai only. She tell me Sally for first time I am able to be in wedding like this. otherwise all wedding is taking place in home country and I am having to miss the wedding.

Maam is buying new dress. New shoes. Miss S dress is coming. Maam is showing me everything. She say Sally I know you are interested in seeing this wedding. She tell me Miss S is inviting me for the wedding. for help for cooking in wedding house. Because lot of people is coming from lot of places. Maam say that Miss S say I can come for wedding if I help with cooking and other things. I am so excited. Maam is buying for me new dress. 

I know Miss S very well. She is getting married second time. First time she is doing divorce because her husband is not nice man. That is what she is saying one time when she is coming to this house. She say Sally you marry nice man only. my first husband is not nice man. he is like garbage. My new husband is good man better than my first husband.

I am thinking what her first husband is doing to her that she is calling him garbage. Maybe he is doing affair with other girl. I ask maam why Miss S is getting divorce. Maam is looking at me like I am going mad. She say Sally you mind your business. Why you are poking your nose in everything? Maam is not liking that I am interested in her friend.

Then maam say something. She say Sally you need to be clear. Miss S is my friend. She is not your friend. You are not her maid of honor. Just because you are coming to wedding does not mean you and Miss S are best friends. Remember your place you are the maid. I feel little bit angry that maam is talking to me like this. I am doing so much work for maam and Miss S for this wedding. I feel very upset with myself when I get angry for thing like this. Because I know I can never do friendship with maam or Miss S. But still it hurt my feeling.

Before I am going to Oman for my first job I am going for training by my agency. I am telling you this before one time. That we are going to agency bungaloo for training when we are waiting for our visa. They teach us many things. Like folding napkin for dinner party. And how to do bleach of white clothes. How to make bed. How to do vaccum. Like that. Anyway why I am telling you all this again is this reason. The agency also tell us always say truth to employer. Always respect. Always honor employer. My grandmother also always tell me this. Always respect and honor your maam. 

I know I am not the best friend and maid of honor for this wedding. I know I must honor and respect for maam. But sometimes maam make me so angry and upset. Tomorrow I will forget my upset. But today I just have to swallow my upset and pretend. To respect her. To honor her. To like her.

Miss S is not my friend. Maam is making that very clear. but still I hope her new husband is not pretending to honor and respect her. I hope he is not pretending to be a man of honor.

traffic jam

Few days back I am going with maam to jumera and there is so much traffic on the road. Maam is getting so frustrated with driving. She tell me Sally this traffic jam is just so much I wish it would clear. I am not able to drive like this. all the traffic is coming back to dubai. 

I am asking maam what she is meaning for this. Maam tell me Sally few year back when all the job is going from Dubai all the traffic is also going with the job. Now the job is all coming back so many more people coming to Dubai. so all the traffic is also coming back. That make sense to me. 

But full time I am thinking of this word traffic jam. Why they call it traffic jam and not traffic bread or traffic butter? Maybe because jam is so sticky and you are stuck in traffic? I dont know so if you know you tell me.

Because of traffic jam maam is getting late for picking up children. Sara is having no problem. She is doing chatting with all her friends at school. It is like she is not even realise that her mother is not there. But Rayan is so upset. He say mummy I wait and wait for you and you are not coming. Maam is saying so sorry Rayan this traffic is very bad today and my car is not moving. Rayan say mummy if traffic so bad and car is not moving why you are not taking taxi? I am laughing because he is not understanding that even taxi is getting stuck in the traffic jam. He is not understanding that in a traffic jam there is no where to go.

Today I am writing my blog after many days because I am so busy. I am thinking it is like my blog is stuck in traffic jam. The traffic jam is in my head. I have so many things I have to do that my blog is getting stuck. I am so busy that all my idea for my blog is stuck inside my head and cannot come out on the computer. I wish I dont have so much work so I can write more. My life is stuck in this traffic jam of work so it cannot move anywhere.

I wish that my road become clear so that my journey cannot be slowed down by this traffic jam.

stranger danger

Few days back I am seeing this picture in the paper. It is remind me of what maam always telling Sara and Rayan. Maam always saying stranger danger. She always tell them do not go with anyone who is stranger. She is even giving them password to remember. So if someone come and say your mother is calling you come in my car then they can ask the person what is the password. 

Sara is saying mummy I am not stupid girl. of course I am not going with stranger. And she say Mummy I can always phone you and ask. She is correct. But sometime she leave her mobile at home. Then how will she phone? Maam is getting so angry with Sara when she is not taking phone. She say Sara why I have got this phone for you if you leave it at home. Then she is taking away her phone for punishment. Then Sara does not have her phone again. Sometimes I am not understanding the punishment that maam is giving to Sara.

Anyway before I forget I tell you what I am seeing in paper. It is this picture of prince of Abu Dhabi. He is seeing a girl sitting outside her school and tell her he will drop her home. The girl say no because he is stranger. The girl is knowing he is the prince but still she is saying no. because even if he is prince he is still stranger to her. I think this is very sweet story. The prince is so kind. The girl is so smart. Everyone is happy. This story of a stranger has a happy ending.

For me when I come to Dubai everyone is a stranger. Except my cousin Luena. Everybody I am talking to is a stranger. If there is a stranger danger I do not know before I take the job. Then I come into a strangers house. I live in a strangers house. I eat in a strangers house. I sleep in a strangers house. I look after a strangers children. I hope the stranger becomes my family. 

And it is same for the maam and sir. She is taking stranger in her house. She is letting stranger sleep in her house. Eat in her house. live in her house. look after her children. She is teaching her child about stranger danger. But she is letting stranger come inside her life.

And not all storys of strangers have a happy ending. 


Maya is a bird in my home country. It is a small bird and when I am growing up my father tell me that it is national bird of my home country. Now the eagle is the national bird. Poor maya is now the forgotten bird.

Last month I am learning new meaning of the word Maya. Many years ago there are some people called maya who are saying that the world is ending on 21 dec. They have a calender and this calender is saying this. Lot of people are talking about this maya calendar. Even in the paper they are putting story about world is ending.

In this new house I have many new friends. One of them is Sita. She is from India. She say that in her home country the word maya is meaning something that is not real. Like a dream. Like a ilusyon. illusion. I am one time seeing this movie called Ilusyon what you see is not what you get. It is about this man who is pretend to be someone else to impress girl. I am now thinking of this movie

Sara is having a friend. Her name is also Maya. I ask her what her name is meaning. She tell me it means mother in one language and water in other language. Maam is hearing all this. She is asking me why I am asking.

I tell her maam Maya mean so many thing. I explain all the meaning. Maam say Sally I am surprised that you think so much.  I tell her maam maybe you have maya that I do not think. Maam say Sally go do your work. But she is smiling.

21 Dec is coming and going and the world is not ending. The year is ending but the world is not ending. I am happy it is not ending because if it ends I will never see my son again in this world.

So many meanings for one word. Maya is no more the national bird in my country. But the maya birds life is not ending. Maya calendar says the world is ending. But the world is not ending. Maya mean mother. And mothers love is never ending.

Maya means water. This is the most important for life.  Few days back I am reading in paper that so much water is wasting that one day we have no water in UAE. They say it is like crisis. Even I am everyday wasting so much water. I have to do change in my life also. Because no water means no life. Maybe the maya people know that the water in this world is ending one day? If water ends the maya bird will end. the world will end. everything will end. Even never ending mothers love.

Maya means illusion. I am thinking that it is biggest illusion that water will not end. I think we all have to  remove this illusion. remove this maya. Otherwise what the maya people say will be true. The world will be ending. 

remove comment

Lot of people leave comment on my blog. I love seeing the comment. But since few months I am getting a lot of rubbish comment. Like someone will say go fishing in dubai. or go on dhow cruise. It is having nothing to do with my blog story. It is all nonsense. So now I am checking every comment before I am letting it come on my blog. If it is rubbish comment then I am removing it. 

But few days ago someone is leaving comment that is really disturbing me. It say Sally I want to f you. I dont even want to write the f word on my blog. I tell you why it is disturbing me. Because lot of people think that because I am a housemaid they can do anything with me. Because people think I am a maid I can be used however they are wanting. Like a toy for them.

There is something called stats on my blogspot when I am login. In that I can see something called search keyword. I remember Lilibeth tell me that search keyword is what people are using to find my blog. I like to see that sometimes. It is interesting. Usually it is like filipina maid. or Dubai maid. or dubai maid blog. or filipina maid blog. or just dubaisally. But some people are looking for filipina maid sex. or filipina dubai massage. or filipina maid and that f word. or filipina call girl dubai. or something like that. It is making me angry. It may not make you angry but it is making me upset that people think all filipina maid is only good for things like this. They are not good people these people who are looking for things like this.

There is a story last month in paper about this employer who is accuse his filipina maid of molesting the employers 8 year old son. The maid is deny the story. If this is true story then this maid needs to go to jail for ever. If it is true. I really really hope it is not true. 

But we will never know the true story. Because this is happening in her employers house we will never know who is telling true story. If it is true it is so sad. Because this maid if she is doing this thing is so bad person. And because people will only remember this story. And think all filipina maid is doing bad thing. If it is not true then it just show you how much power employer is having on the life of a house maid.

People think that just because we are housemaids we are the property of the employer. This is because once we go into employers house no one is knowing what is happening to maid. The maid is at mercy of employer. If he is good then her life is good. If the employer is bad then her life is bad. If he accuse her of stealing then she is ban. even if she is not stealing. If he accuse her of doing sex with gardener then usually no one is believing the maid. because the employer is having more power. It is because the maid is on employers visa and he is having full power on her. I know some maids are doing bad things but not all maids are bad. And lot of maams and sirs are good but not all maams and sirs are good. But we never know the true story of what is happen inside the house. 

There is another story in National newspaper that is making me angry. It say Dubai maid is treat with affection. I am very happy for this maid. but why this story is in the paper? Why this story is so important story? Maybe because all maid story is not having a happy end like this one. In the same paper on same page is a story about two maids who are treated like slave.

So today I am protesting all these comments. I am protesting people thinking that maid is their toy to play with. I am protesting maid who do bad things that make people think all maid is bad. I am protesting the power that employer have on the maid. I am protesting that not all maid is treated with affection. 

I wish I can remove all these bad things like I am removing the bad comments on my blog.