Maam is going for vacation tomorrow. She will maybe lock her room and computer like when she is going last year. Maybe not. I do not know what she will do. I will only find out when she is going because she is not telling me before. But today she tell me something that make me angry. 

She say that when she go her one friend will come to pick up some books. And her cousin will come for some dress. And some aunty will come for some sweet she is putting in fridge. I ask her maam when they are all coming? Maam say Sally I am not knowing you just be home and they will come. I tell her maam can you tell them to phone me so I know if they are coming. Maam say Sally they come when they can. They not phone you.

I know why she is doing this. She is making all these people come to the house because she think that I am having party in the house. Or maybe that I am going out or doing some part time work. She is so worry that she is making them check. Like detective or spy. I am not liking this. I will be like a prisoner in jail.

Sometime maam make me so angry when she is not trusting me. Because now I am not doing all that bad thing I was doing before. You remember when I go out from kitchen door and not tell maam? For my friend Abilgails farewell? My friend Susan is putting the picture on facebook and her maam is showing my maam the picture. When maam is finding out she is almost fire me. for going without telling. She say she not trust me and she dont know why she is renew my visa.

After that day I have stopped all this. All this sneak around. Because I know my job here is good and my maam is nice. She does not beat me or call me bitch or anything like that. But still I get upset that she is not trusting me. Because I have stopped all this bad thing. See how she is making her friend and cousin check what I am doing.

I dont want to be in jail at home. I wish I was also going for the vacation. Other maams is taking their maid. To london. or Jordan. One of my friends is even going to america. Even Muscat is better than staying in jail. So many maids are going. I feel like only I have to stay here alone in this house. I feel little bit depress by myself. And now I cannot even go out because I have to wait for these cousin and friend and aunty and uncle. I want to pack my bag and go home I am so depress.

I phone my mama. She say Sally why you so depress. When your maam go you will have no work. It will be a vacation for you. But if you go with your maam then you will have no vacation. You will have no break. You will be doing cooking and cleaning on your vacation. Better you stay in maams house and do vacation. My mother is right. Maam will go for her break. I will have my break. I just hope I dont break my head waiting for the cousin and the aunty and the friend to come to check what I am doing.

Then I think that it better I break my head waiting but I not break maams trust of me again. So I just have to wait in my jail till they come. If they come.

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...earn your maam's trust more who knows one day she will realize your an angel to them & will compensate your hard work. take a break and relax like your mama said, when they comeback from vacation you'll have alot of things to do.

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