sleep is cut

Few day back I am reading in paper this story that this person is getting a fine for sleeping on train. On metro train. It so funny. Everyone feel like fall asleep on a train. Why this fine? I am then reading that the fine for sleep on metro is 300. But the fine for carrying gun or knife on metro is 200. how that can be correct? How sleeping on metro is worse than carrying a gun or knife? Sometimes I not understand how they write these rule.

So many rules. I not know all these rule. Like I not know you can get fine 100 dirham for eating or chewing gum on metro. or 100 dirham fine for causing disturb. I not have money to pay these fines. I am thinking now that it good that I not go on metro too much. Maam house is very far from station. It too difficult to reach station. I have to take bus or car lift for station. Then I have to take train. Then again same thing. Bus or car lift. So it better I take only car lift when I have to go for my holiday. I get pick up from home and drop at home.

My friend Susan is lucky. Her maam is drop her to MOE and pick her up in evening. But maybe she not so much lucky. Because she always worry her maam waiting. She always having to finish quick and run to station. I remember when I am first coming to this maams house I asking maam to give me car lift and she not liking. She say Sally you go your holiday so early in morning. I am not waking up so early. I need to sleep for my beauty. I not like cutting my sleep.

See how she is? she wanting me to cut my sleep and put food in slow cooker before I go for my holiday. But she not want to cut her sleep. She not thinking that if she cut her sleep my money is save. But she not understand all that. Because she not in that situation. Because little money not so important thing for her.

When I am doing vaccum I am always so bored. Sometimes I make up story in my head. Like dream but I am awake. Not sleeping dream. Day dream. Sometime it is funny. Sometime it is sad. But it always make me think of life. I give you example.

Imagine. It is Friday. I am waking up early for slow cooker before my holiday. I am cutting vegetable. Maam is get disturb. She cut her sleep and wake up. she say she give me car lift to station. She say Sally lets go quickly we will be late. I so excite that I save little money. Instead of putting knife in dishwasher I put knife in my bag. Then maam say Sally today we will go together for holiday. Maam is get on metro with me. After few minute she say Sally you wake me up so early. you cut my sleep I feeling so sleepy. She fall asleep on metro. When the inspector is come he give her 300 dirham fine. He also give me 200 dirham fine for knife in bag.

It is just silly dream story. But it make me think. Both of us would have to pay fine. Her 300 dirham sleep fine is more than my 200 dirham knife fine. But even if her fine is more it will mean less for maam. and even if my fine is less it will mean more for me. Maam will just pay 300 dirham. no problem. For me the 200 dirham fine will be like the knife in my bag. It will hurt. It will make me bleed.

Yes it is better I not go on metro. Then I not have to worry about fine or chewing gum. I not have to worry about knife or sleep. or cutting maams sleep. 


Anonymous said...

common u cant be a real maid, if u notice u hardly write anythign new unless ther is some new thing that pops ur in dubai and u somehow always relate it to ur article. the dog hotel, miss world and now this, show ur identity dont fake it!

Anonymous said...

I feel she hate and jealous that people in uae are rich people but she should know that they are rich of precious morals...

Anonymous said...

To the first comment - In all honesty, I don't believe she is a real maid but who cares. I like the blog. It is interesting and funny. And I like that she relates what she reads in the newspaper to what is going on in her life. It's a cool way to write a diary.

To the second comment- Do you blame her for being jealous? Look around you and see how the rich behave sometimes. And how they treat their help.

Sally- don't let anyone discourage you from writing. Your blog is great

Anonymous said...


Keep up the good work and consider these attacks by angry Arabs to be nothing but validation that you are doing good.

Anonymous said...


Your words are touching... please keep up writing; and try to be positive minded. World is an echo to what you say; if you think positive, it will revert positive and vice versa.

Anonymous said...

I always believe in encouraging people to use their full potential.

If you dont like reading this blog, stop reading it, nobody is forcing you to read it and do something constructive with your time. There is no need to come and post negative comments and discourage someone.

There is a reason why you keep coming back, its probably because you like what you read but dont want to admit it. I like reading this blog, I have been reading it for a few months now ever since the Gulf News article was posted, and I think it worth reading it else I wouldnt be here. Keep up the good job Sally!

Anonymous said...

Maam says Sally stop dreaming get back to work.. lol

I love this blog, Sally is so smart: Bookmarked! :D

Anonymous said...

I am not an Arab as some mention further up that only angry Arab would give attacks.
No no no, I am a european lady who have been betraid so many times by maids.

I feel so stupid each time that I say next time I will be strict, but I cannot. It's in my nature. Unfortunatly I get fed up to give my trust to someone who doen't deserve it.

Sally you compare yourself all the time with your madam. She will have to pay 300 dhs and you 200 dhs. And it's nothing for her...a lot for you...stop, you make me cry...

Anonymous said...

It is sometimes difficult to believe that Sally is really a maid or whoever she says she is because of the intense meanings or message that comes out of her writings. I think she is genuine. Even if her English is flawed and her grammar risible her insights and wit are astounding. It is that contorted English that makes her so enjoyable to read. You have to read it in the Bisayan=Cebuano context to appreciate its genuineness. Sally is from Davao so she is likely of Bisaya heritage and if you read it with that in mind and with that mindset you will appreciate it better. She uses a lot of metaphors and makes many sarcastic remarks that are not necessarily meant to be demeaning but are what is almost naturally in the nature of most Bisayans. She often makes Libak of Maam but not in mean or unkind way. I am glad I can speak and think in Bisaya and thus appreciate this work of a literary genius. = Ricky S.

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