I spy fight

Maam is very strict about children watching tv and computer in school days. But these days everything is different. Children not having school. It so hot outside. So maam not know what to do with them. So she let them watch so much tv. so much computer. 

But yesterday Maam telling them no tv and computer until they play together. Children not very happy but they having no choice. They play sorry. uno. lego. Then they play I spy. They now fed up of playing. So they start fighting. Rayan kicking Sara. Sara pushing Rayan. Playing fighting playing fighting. Finally maam getting fed up. 

She say Rayan you go that room Sara you go other room. Now she say no playing together until you stop fight. children is very happy. Now they go different room and both going on computer. Now everyone happy. Children happy because they getting computer. Maam happy because fighting is stop. But children playing together also stop. 

Two days back Maam is also playing I spy. With me. One or two month back I am going out at night with my friends. My friend Abigail is going back to Philippines and all her friend  going out at night for party. I know my maam not let me go. I tell them I not able to go but they keep nag me until I say I try. So I not say anything and when maam and sir is going upstair to bed I am leaving from kitchen door. No one is knowing I go.

That night is so much fun. I not have so much fun since I come here to Dubai. Lilibeth takes us in her car. She make me sit in front so I not feel like do vomit. I forget to feel bad because I feel so happy to go out. We go to Maharlika in Karama. There is this band and they playing music. Best thing is it is free to go inside. And I am feeling free.

I am leaving house at 11 and coming back maybe 3 or 4. we take lot of picture. Susan is also there with us. She the one who maam give her computer She is so stupid. She is putting the picture on her facebook. Her maam is see the picture. Her maam showing the picture to my maam. That how my maam is playing I spy with me.

Maam is getting so upset. She saying Sally how you going? when you going? why you not tell me and go? I always letting you go if you tell me. But I know that not true always. Remember I ask her before for spend night outside and she not let me go? This night out is like that only. only I come back and sleep in my room. I know she not let me go if I ask her. that why I not ask her.

Then maam saying so many thing to me. She say Sally I not knowing if I can trust you. This sneaking out has got to stop. I not know why I renew your visa. I have no choice but remove key from kitchen door. Maam then go to room. She always go to her room when she angry.

I also get angry. With my self. why I go without tell her. I not know why I do this. Then I get angry with Susan. If she not put picture on facebook no one is knowing that I am going. For so many weeks no one is knowing I am going out. Then Susan putting picture and maam is seeing it. I phone Susan and tell her how you can be so stupid. Susan saying Sally I not know you not telling your maam. She tell me Sally you are stupid for not telling your maam.

Now maam and I not talking much. We fighting like Sara and Rayan. Maam only talking important thing and then going to her room. I feel bad and going to my room. I know in few days she will get over it and talk again.

But I also know when we stop fighting she will not let me play again. Because she has taken the key from the kitchen door.


Anonymous said...

What are you Sally, a slave???????????????? This is ridiculous. Can your maam not see you are a human and why do you have to have permission to go out in your free time? Your maam is a slave owner.

Anonymous said...

No. She is not a slave nor is she treated like a slave. Maam has rules and really those rules are not that strict. But she must have her reason for not letting Sally go out to party at night, maybe because if something happens Maam will be legally responsible because she is the employer. Maybe she is worried it is not safe for Sally or whatever.... Think about it before you are too judgmental.

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