stay or go

Past few days I am thinking lots about if I should renew visa. Some people is give me advise on my blog. My friend is give me advise in park. Best thing Lilibeth is tell me. She say Sally you make list of everything you liking and not liking about your maam. Then you see if there more like or more not like.

I liking this idea. Then I thinking I showing my list here and you tell me what to do. But I asking you to tell truth. What you really think. Because this is my life.

What I am liking about my maam is this.
She never hit me. or never throw anything on me. or never calling me bitch.
My sir never look at me in bad way.
She always talk softly to me even when she angry.
She letting me go on holiday on Friday. Only she not let me stay out at night.
She letting me go everyday to park to meet friend or for jog. but only if I am finishing my work.
She always respect my private. She never looking in my room or my bag. Even when I coming from holiday she not asking any question on where I going. only when I not telling her if I going then she getting upset.
She letting me talk on mobile any time I am wanting.
She asking me about family and my son.
There not so much work in this maam house. 
She sometimes giving me her clothes and shoe. They always nice even if they not fit me.

What I am not liking about my maam is this.
She getting angry on small thing like if I go out without tell her or if I not clean toaster or if I do small lie.
She too much particular about kitchen cleaning. always worry about salmonel
She not let me stay out at night even if I am telling her I having important work like pack my box. She thinking I stupid. that I coming back home pregnate. She not trust me
She lazy. Sometime she say she getting something I am needing like buying garden hose and then she not getting it for long time. But if it for herself she getting it fast.
She proud.
She think I not know computer. She not want me to progress.
She always saying Sally respect my private. no ask so many question. no look inside my bag and thing.
She not liking if I am throwing something like Rayan picture but I only doing it to clean house.
She not giving me house key.
She not take me out for movie or when they going to mall. Only when she having to go carefour. But atleast she taking me one time in week to mall.
She having so good thing and I having so few thing.
She so lucky. Sometime I jealous of her.
She lie sometime so she not having to give me something like du connecshin.

I thinking this good that I write all this. It help me think of everything. Now I thinking if I not renew visa and go to new maam suppose I not getting to use computer at my new maam house. Suppose my new maam not go out so much? Then how I will write my story? Suppose I am not able to get her password? Suppose my new maam is hit me? Suppose she is mean or call me bitch? Suppose my new sir have bad eye and do bad thing to me? Suppose my new house too big and there so many children? Suppose I having to wake up in the morning at 5 and sleep at 12 midnight like my before maam house? Suppose my new maam not let me go for holiday on Friday? suppose she not let me go to park? Suppose she not let me talk on mobile?

Maybe it better I stay with this maam. But now I get worry. Suppose she not want me to stay? 


ConservativeKen said...

Don't worry, she will want you to stay another year. I think you should get your own computer though and just buy an internet card through the dubai cell phone system. I assume you could get a computer for $300 US dollars around 1000 dirhams and get the WiFi phone card for about $30 or maybe 100 dirhams a month. If you ended up going to another home you could take your computer that way. You know, you truly are famous since you have 83,000 web hits. If you shut down you will lose all of that and your window for fame (and hopefully fortune).

Just a thought.

ConservativeKen said...

Moral of the story is you should do what is working and both your current income and your website work. Support both things and let God smile upon you. Above all, you have your dignity, your very intelligent mind, and of course your wonderful writing style that many people enjoy. OK, a few don't enjoy but only because they are fearful and embarrassed. The good news is Dubai is truly a mondern country so they suffer embarrassment as long as someone is not subversive. You are not subversive so I don't think you have anything to fear. All the same, I think you should invest in your own computer and internet card so you have more freedom and I know you would enjoy having access to the internet in your room. Even more to the point, if you switched employers you would still have access to the outside world. Imagine all the Filipino websites you could visit when bored at night in your room? You could make web calls home to talk to family and friends for free! So many reasons to get your own computer. The only one against is that you send all your money home. It is time to make the big sacrifice for yourself and buy a computer.

Just my thought.

Mike said...

Ken, dude you do realize that this is a work of fiction. It's a parody blog. She (or he) is probably a writer or a reporter. I've been following along since the article came out in the newspaper. IMHO it's fake for sure. Still, it's great entertainment and also an eye opener for a lot of people, don't you think?

I get why she is writing as a maid too. You think anyone would read a boring expose piece on maids? She is exposing the whole maid/madam relationship and the hard life of the OFW, and doing it as a maid brings in the readers. And even if people think she's fake like I do, they still come back for more, once they're hooked. But the hook is the whole maid thing.

Just my thought.

ConservativeKen said...

It could be a ruse but it is definitely a filipino writing it. That much I am sure.

ConservativeKen said...

The beauty of this is if DubaiSally is indeed a domestic worker she could not reveal herself without getting fired. So, the hypocrisy of the Arab world is on display with regard to Filipino workers is it not? If she is really just a figment of an imagination, even if based on true stories, she is in the right time and place to make a statement that things must change for filipino OFWs in places like Dubai. Taking their passports, not letting them outside the house, not paying, raping, beating, and mistreating them is not a good long-term plan for an up and coming place like Dubai. I personally believe Dubai is going to address these types of problems sooner than later. They cannot afford the negative publicity.

Real or not real, she is a voice among many and in the video age it is not something Dubai will want to endure for long.

Anonymous said...

Readers of this blog are losers who have nothing better to do. She is a bitch for using her family's computer without their permission.....

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous who called the readers losers and the writer a bitch. Don't you think you are too harsh on your judgment about the writer? Nobody really knows her/his identity or if the computer is hers/his or not. And the fact that you are reading this blog makes you a "loser" yourself who has nothing better to do.

You may want to use your brains a bit more.. it's not there to just separate your ears you know.

Anonymous said...

maybe u think this are the maam
u pay them salary and expensive sponsorship.
will you
let you maid go out anyway she likes by not telling you? even ur own parents also we have to inform rite? what is that hurts to informed?
this is what we call respect. and she always let you out when you should appreciate it.
if new maam sometimes you dont even get the chance to go out...and tell you many other maids
are desperate to take over your job. Btw, indonesia maid are way cheaper.

u happy if someone lie to you? ur job is to clean so if u dont clean the toaster ofcourse she not happy.

so this is not her fault.. it's ur fault..

i also will not let my maid stay out at night.
she is not thinking that you stupid or dont trust you. you come here to work and is not
go for holiday. things can always happened.
what if some bad ppl rape you? what if ppl spike
ur drinks? if you cant accept this rules then you should work for DH. Seriously if not because
the agency fees is damn expensive.. i dont bother my maid get pregnant..i just change new maid if i'm not happy..

you also proud what.. can blog about ur work in the internet...

she hired you is to get you here to help her
housework and not to responsible for you to progress. you are using ur working time and ur
maam pc to blog and u blame her for not letting u to progress? u better stop working and go to school.. instead coz u will learn a lot in school

do you want ur maam to respect your private?
i think everybody does... so?

u can clean the house without throwing things..

why you need a house key??? easier for you to go
out when ur maam not at home??

again.. you are here to be DH so ofcourse not going out for movie and mall. this is their family outing. why want to bring a maid along??
if you are maam will you bring ur maid out which will increase your cost? extra movie tickets and meals which is not cheap?

she didnt owe u anything so even if she having good things and u having little... so it's not her fault.

she is lucky is not her fault.. if u want to jealous there are many ppl you should jealous.
She so lucky. Sometime I jealous of her.

how u know she is lying? btw count urself luckily to able to have cell phone ok.
She lie sometime so she not having to give me something like du connecshin.

Anonymous said...

hi sally

you are so lucky to have such maam


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