which way to go

Last week Sara is asking maam about college. She asking how to decide what college she going to. Maam saying Sara you having lot of time to decide. it depend what you want to do. it depend which way you wanting to go. she saying when you reach college age Sara you having more idea.

Then she saying no worry Sara daddy and I helping you. we giving you direction. I thinking Sara so lucky she having maam and sir to give her direction. In my life when I Sara age there no one helping me. Even today no one is helping me. no one telling me which way to go. no one is give me direction. 

Everyone is need to know where they going. Even for everyday thing. Like when maam driving also. She always complaining. She saying Sally full road here is all the time dug. everywhere there is red and white flag. red and white cone. She complain me Sally one day roundabout is there. next day roundabout gone. one day road is there. other day road is gone. She getting so frustrate when she drive.

So many time she getting lost also. She telling sir she wanting gp system for car. I knowing gp system. My before maam having in car. I always laughing when she put it on because she get angry with car. It so funny. It telling my before maam like this. make a right turn if possible. But it not possible. there no right turn road. My before maam always shouting at car. she saying what this person go on say right turn right turn. where am I going to do right turn?

Sir also tell maam gp system no good because it not work. He telling her better you take taxi if you not knowing road. But maam not liking to go in taxi also. She saying taxi driver is driving so fast. She so scare she telling taxi driver go slow go slow.

Few day back maam car is going to fix it. So she having no choice. We taking taxi to carefour. When we waiting in line for taxi to come home a pink ladies taxi is coming. Maam is getting all excite when we getting inside. She say Sally I wish Sara also with me she always wanting to go in ladies only taxi. When Sara coming from school maam telling Sara we coming home in ladies taxi.

Sara saying Sally you so lucky you riding in ladies taxi. But I not lucky. I reaching home in ladies taxi. But I still not having direction. I still not knowing which way to go.

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