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Writing my story is teaching me so many new thing. I learning blog. I learning internet. I learning about facebook and twitter. I learning to see that everything that happen in my life has some story for my blog. Also I learning about people. Some people is very nice. Some people is not. Some people is kind. Some people is mean.

But most interesting thing that I learn in past few days is that kind people leave their name on blog. and mean people write mean thing but not sign their name. They hiding. They thinking because they hiding no one knowing who they are so they able to say anything. 

First when I reading I getting shock that how some people is think like that. If they not like blog story  why they reading it? Better they not read it. I crying to Lilibeth. Lilibeth saying Sally they all jealous because you so famus. But I know I not so famus as Charice or Lani or Justin Beeber. Even if I famus no one know that I am Sally who do this blog. So being famus not mean anything for me really. Just in my mind I feeling like I doing something big with my life. I telling the world about house maid struggle and sacrifice.

I thinking I remove all mean comment. But then the world not knowing how people is thinking of maid. How some mean persons is really being mean to housemaid. How some people is not able to believe that house maid is able to be famus by her writing. How some people think that house maid must not progress. If their mind so mean then how these mean person is treat them?  Just think that.

I even thinking I stop writing my story. But then all this work to tell house maid story to world will be waste. Today so many people read my story. I hope these person understanding how housemaid is thinking. Why she living far away from family. How she miss her family and have to sacrifice so much so she can send money home. And I hope they is realise that housemaid is also person and treat them well.

After crying lot I now think this. If you saying mean thing and not putting your name it mean you not having belief that what you saying is a good thing. So what you saying not mean anything.

So mean thing not mean anything.


3inawya said...

I have a maid from the Philippines lived in my house for two years
When he finished the work contract had traveled to her country
Two weeks ago
Today contacted me to say hello to me and my kids
The maid was significantly older and works very slowly
But i was patient with her does not so much sad, do not get upset

When she was complaining of illness and her mother gave her money to her mother's treatment
Called me today and told me they also need the money again for the treatment of her mother and will help her according to my ability Finance
We were not born in our mouths tablespoons of Gold
We carry a great deal of emotion and humanity
How many of you a happy connection to the maid and I would like to communicate with them constantly
And also I had a maid for four years
She visited me in my house and asked me to go back to work with me
Are wonderful to work and sincere and I love her very much

Anonymous said...

Now people who tell you the truth are Mean!!
you didnt answer why you're lieing to your boss and steal her computer to do this blog every once and a should be ownest and at least ask for alaptop from her instead of stealing.. and more the stories are great despite the bad writing but no one whould ever like any one to expose their life secrets to others!! its not ur life only its theirs too..!! if u were my maid and i discovered this behind my back you would be in urs country in no more than 3 hours and with no returns too..!!

Anonymous said...

I had a maid for 4 years .. I used to treat her very good .. I treated her as if she was part of my family .. I gave her a laptop, a cellphone, and new clothes each time I go shopping .. I even buy toys for her kids .. and what did I get in return?

she kept telling my new maid that she should not believe what I tell her .. that I don't have any feelings toward them .. and that I'm a selfish person that don't care about maids and how they feel .. I even discovered that she threw the toys that I bought for her kids in the garbadge !!! and she told the other maids that work for my sisters that my husband is in love with her !!!!!! what kind of sick person is she?

regardless all of that .. I keep saying that not all your fingers are alike .. so please, stop telling the world that housemaids are struggeling and so on ..

some of the maids steal ..
some of them have relations with anyone ..
some of them get pregnant ...
most of them lie ..
some of them are using our stuff without permession ..
some of them beat our kids ..
some of them make black majic ..
what should i say more ..

we are all human .. everyone is struggeling .. whether u r a maid or a boss ..

Um Rashid

3inawya said...

um Rashid what happened to you happened to all

In every house there is a lot of the servants some of them good and some bad

At one time brought the maids from the Philippines and one was good the second was to establish relations with every person encountered an Indian or Filipino or an Arab to the grocery store or a construction worker were to imagine images of the same abrasive, obscene,

and was also watches throughout the night on the phone flirting with young people

in the morning tired and can not work well ..
Then photographed my son without my permission .. The steal my personal use .
Also suffered from the magic in the past because of domestic workers, especially those coming from Indonesia .. These people sick ..!

but on the opposite side because of the need we be silent and ignore a lot of bad behavior ..

Women who work and women that have a large number of children and women who have big houses need to be servants ..
we all ignore bad behavior and prefer to live with them because of the need for them,

but when we do not interrupt by sending them to their countries without any problems ..

On the other hand there were maids are nice net lives at their hearts pure and left a good impact and good memories do not forget

The problem is in the Code of Sally that people hear it and believe it to be heard without the other party who does not know what's going on behind him

I think that the other party so wronged in this blog ..

There are people in this world say Keep Ya Sally in exposing the family to make this blog a joke between friends

We do not live with Sally even sympathize with her stories, we must live with them and we know well, so we know the truth

Servers in the United Arab Emirates have the phone personally and a fixed monthly salary of not missing and has a TV and have the laptop in and out to the market alone and meet her friends
What you find servers in the UAE will not find anywhere in the world, even in America!

And sometimes the maid's salary increase if they are good at work and get new clothes to the maid when you enter the house and shoes and a room of their own!

After all, what we expect them for her?
dedication to work and not talk badly about our lives before others!

That the person who ate your food and live with you and smile in your face and then when you leave the house you spoke badly of others in front of it like a dog who bites and attacks you from behind

This hypocrisy is not one of the attributes of human beings pure

Sally continued to write a blog we want to see and discover more about the servants of the Philippines

Now, the modern aspects of the people who walk in the Code and clap Sally's and ask them to continue to slander us,

Arabs Muslims do not care about foreign opinion never us not wait for a certificate of good conduct to you,

we know very well we do not wait for recognition certificate at all
Each person who enters here and say I hate Arabs and Muslims hate because they are treated badly treated by the servants to look at its tail, first!

Sally does not delete any comments make the world see the Code and Comments

cosmopolitan said...

I'm astonished about this agression and hard judging on this nice blog-story. Exceptionally if you recognize the hidden style and structure, and that it is more methaphoric and allegoric than realistic diary-work. Isn't it obvious that a lot of posts are more parables or analogies which are conscious put in the mouth of a maid?

The funny thing is: This makes the angry comments which talk about "slander" and "stealing" and "lying" part of the story itself, involuntarily, and completes the picture of "masters and servants". Unfortunately, no one of the commentators who takes the part of the "madam" seems to be roughly as sophisticated as "sally's madam" in the blog.

Sally is a maid, raised in a rural culture, with nearly no education from school or family. She tries to satisfy the insatiable needs of her (own) family through working in a foreign country, foreign culture and foreign family for what she was never really educated or prepared. She sacrifices her best years of life looking after foreign kids instead of her own for a baksheesh (which is admittedly a lot for her own family). Therefore her views and mind are sometimes funny and tragic in the same way for us, especially when she tries to empathize with her madam without the ability to really reach madam's "mind".

And on the other side a "madam" with a clear higher degree of education, knowledge about foreign cultures, life experience and as a result of this a healthy tolerance for other cultural habbits. This together with some talent gives her sometimes the abiltiy to empathize with sally and her thoughts. The madam knows that her maid has other cultural habbits and is not very well educated. But thats why she is extremly low priced for the madam as a domestic helper. Madam knows that costs, responsibility and rights are not far from slavery. She knows what she can get from her maid and what not. Thats why she is patient and treats her well, because at the end price and benefit in this case is a very good deal for the madam. And she knows, that in a lot of "western" countries she could never hire a maid so cheap.

At the end we have two woman, both try their best from their point of view and their background. No one is better or worse than the other, both are humans with strengths and weaknesses and like everybody they make mistakes. And both have limits in understanding the culture and habbits of the otherone, but they have to find ways to deal with it.

Certainly not all are like Sally and her Madam. Out there are bad maids, and in the same amount bad madams or sirs. The origin doesn't matters anything. If you are from europe, an arab or from asia, a christ or a muslem, rich or poor, there are the same amount of bad or good people erverywhere and no religion or origin makes you one cent more or less worth.

If you don't agree with me and you think sally or her madam is really "bad", then ask yourself who would you like to be in such a bad case at the end:
1. The good maid with the bad madam/sir?
2. The good madam/sir with the bad maid?

If you are number two, be happy that you are not number one.

ConservativeKen said...


I loved your analyis.

Anonymous said...

Very Interesting to read all the comments, I must say that though Arabs are not nice to maids and its a proven fact. They treat them worse than animals and many are abused sexualy, beaten up and sent home in a coffin. I would encourage the following goverments Fillipines, SriLanka, India, Indonesia,Ethiopia and Bangladesh to have a strict control over their maids and force the employees to pay 10000 Dirham deposit for the maid.
There are several programms on youtube regarding the lives of maids in Dubai and neighbouring countries and its not a pretty sight and leaves these countries to shame. There are cases were Maids steal, lie and do other dishonest things but 98% of all related incidents are inflicted by their Employees specially the Arabs and 10% Expat.

Anonymous said...

Arabs should not be allowed to employ maids from non Arab countries, they should employ their own people and race as they enjoy the idea that they are superior and look down on other races. Recently Saudia behaded 8 Bangladeshi guest workers accused of murdering an Egyptian and not so long ago and Indonesian House maid, I hope that people in both Indonesia and Bangladesh boicot Saudi products and avoid travelling Saudia airlines and pay back the Saudis with their own currency when there is a chance so they learn a lesson.

Ali Alatas Patimura

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