Yesterday maam in very good mood. She saying Sally today I feeling in very romance mood. Because of wedding. I am also reading past few days paper so I know what she talking about. Wedding of prince and Kate. Maam say Sally imagine this girl Kate her life will never be same again.

After lunch maam is call me. She say Sally come we watch together. No one else is interest in watch. Sir is going golf. Children is playing computer. Only me and maam is watching. Full time maam is talking. It like she also part of wedding. She talking about the wedding dress. She talking about Kate mother. She talking about queen. She talking about prince. She talking about hat that look like teli tubby. I laughing so much when she saying that. When they kiss second time she saying Sally I hope they live happy ever after. 

Something is happen to me after I see this wedding. Even I am in romance mood like maam. Last night I dreaming that I marrying prince. Full day today I thinking about Kate. See her luck. She marry prince. She going to be princess. She going to live in big palace and have lot of money. She live happy ever after. It just like cinderella. 

Cinderella is housemaid like me. Full day she doing work and she having to listen her step mother. If I is Cinderella then maam is step mother. So much I laughing when I thinking that. When maam is coming in kitchen she see me laughing. She saying Sally I am happy that you are happy.

Then I feeling bad. I laughing because I call her step mother and she say it good that I happy. And I thinking maam not know much of me. Just because I laughing it not mean I happy. It just mean for few minute I forget all my worry. 

Maybe I am housemaid like Cinderella. but I not lucky like her or Kate. In my life there no prince and palace and money. In my life there no happy ever after. All that is only in my dream.


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Congratulations Sally!

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