Hair and salmon

When maam is washing her hair that mean her hair is everywhere. On floor of room. in bathroom. on stair. everywhere Even if she not telling me she washing her hair I knowing when I see hair everywhere. First maam is wash hair. Then she dry. Then she do iron. So much trouble on her hair. Her hair not so nice. My hair also not nice. I not cutting my hair for long time. I not wanting waste money. So my hair very long. But not strong. Maam is tell me Sally if you cutting your hair it be more healthy. 

Maam hair medium long and she never tying it. She saying Sally if I tying my hair I getting headache. But maam is always tell me Sally tie your hair. Sally no cooking with hair not tie. She not liking if my hair falling anywhere. but maam hair is fall so much she not minding that.

When I am first coming to this maam I am wash my hair and I not tie it and maam is tell me Sally tie your hair. She saying Sally I not liking your hair going in food. or fall on floor. Then I am coming in kitchen with towel on my hair and maam is saying Sally I not like this towel on hair in kitchen. She giving me dryer. She telling me Sally you use this dryer before you come to work in kitchen. and tie your hair. Maam too much particular on kitchen.

Like example how she particular in kitchen. If egg is having even small crack she throwing. She saying salmon is in the egg. If I washing chicken and not wash my hand with soap after that she telling me salmon in the chicken Sally it coming on your hand and on knife. What this salmon thing I not knowing. I only knowing salmon is type of fish. How fish can be inside egg and chicken? I asking my maam what this salmon. She saying Sally not salmon it salmonel. I still not understanding how that can come in egg or chicken or on knife. But I understanding that when maam coming in kitchen I having to be extra careful how I doing cleaning. It better when maam not coming in kitchen. Then no salmonel is coming in kitchen also.

I thinking now of my hair and salmon. I remembering my grandmother is tell me salmon very good for hair. It make hair strong. My hair not strong. Maam hair also not strong that why it always is falling. Maam and I both not eating salmon. Maybe that why our hair not nice. 

Lilibeth is tell me Sally I cutting your hair if you wanting. So I am taking scissor from kitchen and going to Lilibeth house when maam is going school. Maam is come back and I showing her see maam I am cut hair. Maam is not say it look nice or anything like that. She only tell me Sally again you leaving house open and go out? I having no option but lying and telling her no maam Lilibeth coming here and cutting hair. Then maam get angry. She saying where you cutting it? What scissor you using? I am lying and telling her I doing outside house and using Lilibeth scissor. Otherwise maybe maam is thinking that salmonel is come on scissor also. 

Sara is telling me that Justin Beeber is cutting hair and selling for forty thousand dollar. I thinking I cutting my hair but no one give me any money for it. Not one dollar. Not even one peso. I thinking maybe it good if I be eating salmon. Then maybe I get some money for my hair also.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sally How much do you earn ?

Anonymous said...

i want to sell my hair.. cut it while ago.. can someone provide me with any saloon who wants the hair? 0566044194

Olivia Stefen said...

I agree, and I think he did it on purpose. hair dryer dubai

Anonymous said...

I just cut my hair...its 19 inches long maybe somebody can help me find a buyer...this is my no.0502620174

Aishaiba Albalushi said...

Hi sally,..salmonel or salmonella is a kind of bacteria..��

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