Yesterday my maam is telling me Sally you know what tsismosa is? I thinking how she knowing this word? tsismosa tagalog word for someone who like doing too much tsismis. talking lot. doing gossip. Like what I doing every day with my friend on mobile. or in park. But how maam knowing this word? Then maam saying Sally you listening me? I going today my friend house and I eating cheese samosa.  It very good. I understanding now she not talking tagalog. She asking if I knowing cheese samosa. I say yes maam I knowing samosa. my friend Meena is maid near my before sir house. She is giving me chicken samosa one time. Very tasty.

But now I thinking in my mind how much I like doing tsismis. gossip talk with my friend. We talking so many thing. like other maid. how much salry she be getting. other maam. other sir. other house secret thing. everyone side business. we talking our country. our family. all the time we talking talking.

In my before sir house I doing everything. cook maid nanny iron. I do all. Even car washer. Here I do lot of cook and clean and iron and car wash but my maam she very involve in children playing. too much involve. So I is not that much involve in children playing. Like example. At my before sir house I is taking children to park every day. Children playing all game and I meeting my friends. We talking so much.  Now my this maam taking children for class in evening and she leave me home. she telling me Sally if you want go to park. by my own self. No children. First I thinking why she not take me to karate class or tennis class with children. My before maam always taking me to class or even movie with children. then she dropping me and children at class or movie. then before maam going roam in mall. This maam always take children her own self and waiting also at class or watch movie with them.

First I feeling hurt she not wanting me go with her and children. I feel left out. But then I thinking this is good. much better. Sometime I do blog. sometime I going park. for jog or I going to meet friend.

I only housemaid who is not with children at park. All housemaid is ask me Sally your maam not sending children? I feeling so free. like I am the maam at the park and my friend is all the maid. I not having to worry about  children. I free to talk with all my friend. Free to do tsismis. gossip.

Whole time yesterday I thinking thinking why cheese samosa and tsismosa so same word. While I am working I keep on thinking. Then I have idea.

Samosa so very tasty. Just like gossip.


Anonymous said...

Love it! Very clever.

Coollector said...

great post Sally! now i want some tsimosa.

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