My name

My name Sally. Everyone is know that. Every day gardener is coming. He going on call me Mary. I telling him my name not Mary it Sally so many time. still he keep saying Mary. I not know if he understand because he not speak so much good English and I not speak his language. He still saying Mary give me plastic bag. Mary I want speak to maam.

I telling maam. Maam saying what difference it make Sally? why you having to tell him your name? Maybe he thinking all house maid is Mary. But I feel irritate that she think it not make difference to me. How she like it if someone call her some other name? Even Sara not liking it if I calling her by another name. She saying My name Sara. not call me Sar or Saru.

Some people is look at filipina girl and think we are all same. But we not. Some maam and sir is even make us wear uniform so we look same. In my Oman sir house if Baba is there I am having to cover my face also. First few day I am finding very difficult. because I not use to. I not able to see properly. I am falling. I feeling like I am in black room. After few month I am getting use to. But when I am leaving that job and going back Philippine I am throwing it at airport. I feeling free when I doing that.

My maam asking me one day Sally you not want to wear uniform? I getting scare she making me wear uniform. Then she saying Sally I not like uniform but if you want I will get for you. I telling her no maam I not want to wear uniform. I not feel comfortable. I not able to do my work. But actually I not like it because then when you going mall everyone is know you are house maid. I not liking that.

When I am going for grocsery shopping at Spinney I am seeing all filipina girl in same clothes. They are all looking same. Only their name badge different. Because they all is different girl. Even if they look same in same clothes.

I am wanting to tell gardener that just like girl at spinney we are all look same but our name is different. Because we are all different.


Anonymous said...

your spelling is very good , your grammar is lousy, you made this up.

Anonymous said...

And what exactly you wanna wear , this is what you signed up for take it or leav it and go work as a manager...silly

Anonymous said...

All maid complain the same way but don't value their sponsor.we also have to work to provide their salary. You have signed up for this job so there is a dress code to every job silly. You can't expect to wear jeans or short or fancy dress when you are working at home or going out to watch out for kids with your words to comment further.

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