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I am wanting new phone. Today I see in paper that gitex is going on all mobile phones very cheap. I ask my maam if I can go. Maam she tell me Sally I dont know where this is I no can drive you there. Then I am seeing same thing in paper for Jackie store at moe. I am telling maam please you drop me on way to school. Maam she telling me she not going near MOe but she be taking me in two days. Phone is very nice. Very big screen. Also you are getting free dvd player. I am thinking I sending DVD player to Philippine. Maam she telling me Sally you are collecting lot things you better send box soon. She no like I collect thing in my bag. When she give me her old thing she say Sally you can have but I no want to see it. I am not wanting to see it that why I am not keeping it so you can keep it but I no want to see it. So I am keeping it all in my bags. Under bed or in store room outside. But bags is now full so I am thinking I have to find someone to shipping my box. 

My family will be happy if I sending dvd player. My family very poor. We having fridge but the door of fridge falling off so I have to hold with my knee when I am taking out food. Sometime I waiting for text from family but they not text me because they can buy one kilo rice in cost of one text. Sometime we not having contact 2 or 3 month. But is good because everytime I calling they asking me for money.

We be going moe and buying my mobile phone. I very happy with it. It LG Cookie phone and I get DVd player also. Maam she telling me Sally you be selling your dvd player to friend for 400 dirham then your phone be cheap. I telling no I sending to home in Davao. Then I be telling maam I want send printer to Philipine. Maam she make fun me she say why you need printer. I tell her bizness with printer very good near school. So maam she saying Sally you be needing computer also how you use the printer with no computer. but maam printer it not connect to computer. It sitting on table maam printing thing from it. I think maam be lying to me because she not want me to progress. Maam she also having other printer in other room never using it. Maybe I think if I telling maam I want buy printer she giving me her printer like she be giving me her old coffee machine and rice cooker.

I coming home very excite and charging my new cookie phone. I am liking that name very much. It is red and black. My maam she giving me advice. She be telling me Sally no buy pink colour phone what if you want to give it to your brother then he not using pink phone. I thinking she right so I buy black and red phone. I coming home putting battery in and making phone charge. Then I get excite and I phone up Lilibeth. She congratlat me to have new phone. Then I wait for full charge but phone not charge. All night I is waitng. In morning I telling my maam. She telling me you make call before full charge now problem. I be telling her I want exchange phone please take me carefour again. Maam she say she busy so I am telling her I am taking car lift and going carefour. But maam tell me not waste my money. But I be already wasting my money on phone that no get charge. She say tell Lilibeth to give you carlift. How she is knowing I be taking carlift sometime from Lilibeth? Lilibeth telling me she going Marina Mall first then to moe. I telling maam I coming only half an hour so I telling Lilibeth to drive fast. But not so fast so my stomic is ok.

Now this time I getting Samsung phone. They giving me sample piece already charged. Maam getting angry she be saying how you take sample did they give you discount. She thinking I crazy. I telling her that phone is for more than 600 dirham I be paying 599 dirham. But my new phone very nice. It pink colour. So what if I cannot give my brother. It be my phone.

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elva said...

sorry for what im going to say, im new reading your blog but the things that i read till now shows your family only want money, STOP DOING THIS!! STOP SENDING THEM MONEY, you need to think on your son, and you int he future, i know about your brother and sister but they are going to be older and they need to work, i dont know how old they are, but remember about when you started to work how old you are that time!!, you need to think that your son is going to be older and need to study, or that you someday will be older too and you wont be able to work like you do it now, open a bank account and save your money, i understand that you have a good heart and you want to help your family, but then who is going to help sally?, you need to be sometimes selfish and think on your self and in your life, you are a smart woman, i know you can do it, good luck :)

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