My life in Davao

I grow up in Davao in Philippines. Davao very beautiful place not like Manila. I wish I can show picture but I not know how to do that. When I small we are my mama and daddy and two brother and two sister. One day when I is 15 year old my daddy he leave us. We have no money. I tell my daddy give money but he have new lady now. My brother they hate my daddy but I still love him even if he not live with us. I am oldest so I want look after my brothers and sisters. My mama she not want me leave school but no choice. She send me to her friend house to work as housemaid. My mama she work in store but she feel very tired all the time she no like to work. She making me go to Manila after one years to work in factory. But I no like it so I come back to Davao.

When I am 17 I meet Richie. He really nice to me. I think I love him. I get pregnate. I feel so bad to tell my mama and my daddy but I have no choice. My daddy he very sad he have hope for my career. I also very sad I want do something for myself and my career. I want leave my child with mama but my mama very tired she say no you cannot leave child with me I want getting marry again who will marry me with so small child. So then I leave child with Richie. He nice man but I no want to marry him because drinking a lot. But I have no choice to leave my son with him. I feel sad but what to do if I want career I have to leave him. I leave him with Richie when he only 2 month. I have no choice if I have to work. I no see my child for 4 or 5 year because if I see him I feel sad and missing him.

One day I hear Filipina maid get good job oversea. I think I go work in Hong Kong Dubai Kuwait Muscat Oman. Very good pay. I contacting agency and making passport. Soon I am leaving for Oman.

In Philippine all the men no like to work. My brother they also very lazy. I send them money they use for drinking. My mama say send money for buy motorbike for brother. I send money and my brothers use motorbike whole day to take friends here there drinking. So my mama sell motorbike and use money for her own. Then I tell mother to buy pig and make them fat and sell fat pig for money. I send her money to buy pig. But when I ask her for money she say pig die. I think she sell pig and give money to new husband. He is not good man he not looking after my brothers and sisters. I have to send money for them from here. My mama have my two other child with this man and I send money all of them. Now we are 3 brother 3 sister.

But my sister Lilian she running away. One day she go and no come back. I think she have boyfriend. I in Oman that time. My mama call me on mobile tell me she not come back. My brother see Lilian boyfriend with small baby one day. He want to beat boyfriend but what use I tell him. Where is Lilian we do not know. Why she hide baby from us maybe she feel bad. But we no know if baby hers or other person. We think hers. He look just like Lili.

My daddy he die heart attak when I work in Oman. I very sad even if he not live with us and he have other lady I still love him. I cry lot when I am in my job. My brother they no cry. One day my mama phone me tell me she have operation send money. I get very scare she is going to die also. I send her money. She tie up baby part that give her baby. She say she very tire. in pain all time. I feel sad. she tell me send more money for her make well. I send lot of money home for my mama and my brother and sister.

I go back to Philippine after 2 year in Oman. I meet Richie and my son. He nearly 7 year old but he know me. Richie tell him all about me. Richie good man but I no marry him because he drink and smoke lots. But I happy Richie tell my son your mama name is Sally she work in Oman. When I tell my maam that I no marry Richie because he not responsible she say But you leave your child with him? How to tell her I no have any choice. She not understanding how my life is.

When I go back Philippine I think I stay there but then I want come back to career. So I contact agency and come back Dubai this time. I work for 2 day in one home too big too much work children crying crying all time. So I tell that maam take me back agency. Then I find other new family. My before sir in Dubai family. They very nice that maam take me to mall and movie lots of time but I have watch children lot. Lot late night party also. No family perfect I know that so I stay. I work for them one year then they moving so they transfer my visa to friend. That how I come to this maam.


Twizzle said...
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Twizzle said...
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Rebin said...

Very nice...

Twizzle said...


no no no no no... why do you have to buy your brother a motorbike or give him money so he can go drink and be more lazy?

what good is a motorbike if your brother isn't using it to go to work?

I know its so hard if your culture is so much about family... but you don't have to support the bad things they are doing.

Like your maam said in another post that you have to think about yourself. Really Sally, you do. I know you love your mother so much and of course send money if you can for things they really NEED... but that is so not nice if your mother and/or other family are asking for things they don't really NEED like the alcohol or the motorbike (unless of course its used to have a job that will bring money to the family)

how many children does your mother have and how many of them are helping her out with money? and think of how she asked you to send money for that motorbike when your brother only used it to go out drinking.

I am not trying to make you feel angry toward your mother but I am trying to make you see the whole thing that is happening.

Sally, who is going to take care of you when you get older? Yes I know you have a son and also I hope you get the chance to be able to have more children if that is what you want... but what if your son won't be able to help you with money when you are older?

This is your time now Sally... you are with a good family who pays you your salary on time and you are generally happy with them. You don't know what will happen to you in the future.

I know I am saying it over and over again, but think about all the work you are doing and don't let any of the money go to waste that could have been for you to save for your future.

Help where you can, but don't let any of your money be wasted by any of your family.

RyHeAnNe said...

Hi I have stumble here in your blog from Abante Online, hehe. Napadaan lang..

Yuri Sincero said...

I thought about going to the middle east but heard so many bad things that I was only willing to there with my bf who was working there. How was Oman? Is it true that some filipinas are treated very bad as domestic helpers?

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